Bridal Sneakers

October 2, 2009

What blushing bride DOESN’T want to wear platform orthopedic shoes on her big day? Comfort is always a bride’s number one priority, wouldn’t you say?

Head on over to TheLovelyBride.com, most styles are about $160.00. Seriously, there are many, many choices.





Thanks to Jessica for the submission!!


  1. Seriously?! Ew! If I spent several thousands $ on a gorgeous dress no way I’d wear orthopedic waitress/nurse shoes with it. For dancing after? Go barefoot.

  2. My son and his bride both wore blue converse high-tops, but that was their joke and style. They plan on wearing them on each anniversary. These shoes are just plain fugly and I wear comfortable shoes to work each day. There in nothing redeaming about these…nothing.

  3. it looks like orthopedic shoes 😉

  4. Oh good. At least a decent alternative for those brides you see often. Inelegant, first time heel wearers. Walking on heels as if they were wearing Doc Martins. Usually having incredibly sore feet afterward.
    Brides like that are better off with these sneakers.

    But also the more off beat, not main stream bride. The one with a sense of self that is beyond the expected princess look. I think it is great fun to see these, and a great idea.

  5. Wow. Ugly and expensive. Just what every bride needs.

  6. Wow. Ugly and expensive.
    No thanks

  7. you may find it shocking, but this kind of bridal sneakers are very popular here in Mexico! they’re confortable, keep the same high as the high heels and are an excellent option to give your feet some rest after a few hours in the party! The brides usually weare the pretty shoes for the ceremony and then change to the sneakers for the party!

  8. To be honest, while it’s odd for most everyone to grasp, I don’t think they’re such a bad idea. Especially for long receptions. Like my little sister who got married, I was her maid of honor. The moment we headed for the reception, she slipped on a pair of white satin ballarina slippers and I changed out my high heels to yes, a pair of flip flops. No one’s looking at your feet at the reception!

  9. I wore tennis sneakers to my wedding. I was born with a birth defect and my right leg is shorter than my left. However, I used tennies and had the right shoe sole built up and decorated my sneakers with ribbons and sequins and appliques. These shoes look they belong in a retirement home wedding!!!!

  10. I think it’s a great idea if comfort is a big priority for you and heels make you uncomfortable but you don’t want to sacrifice height. Just wear a long dress.

  11. Ermmmm. They actully make me sick

  12. I like the idea of comfortable shoes but i bought ballet flats for my wedding u couldn’t see them under my dress and they were comfortable. i agree these are plain ugly

  13. They are ugly but honestly I would consider it because I have such high arches I can only wear heels for like 5 minutes before my feet are dying. I was planning on wearing something similar but hoping to find something not as ugly but would rather have ugly shoes then limp after the ceremony. A limping bride is worst then a bride having ugly shoes that honestly won’t be seen

  14. I think these are a good idea! Most brides want a bit of height on their wedding day, and for those of use who CAN’T wear heels, why NOT buy these? Orthopedic shoes cost WAY more ($400 + here in Ontario), and I actually kind of like the blue ones.

    Still not sure what I’d wear for my own wedding (as it’ll be off beat with a Celtic/Medieval theme at *crossing fingers* a real feast hall built to look like a medieval feast hall). But these will be in the back of my mind….though I might just go with jazz slippers.

  15. A lot of people have legit foot problems like my sister and have to wear high tennis shoes like this all the time. I think it’s great that there’s a company that at least tries to make the shoes look more attractive and appropriate for special occasions. And regarding the price, all shoes like that are expensive.

  16. Gross. No way ever!

  17. I actually don’t think these are a bad idea. If you’re wearing a floor length dress where you can’t even seen your shoes, and you’re not a heel person and want comfort on the day then they’d be perfect.
    Though I have seen much much much nicer and cheaper trainers, I’ve seen a few pretty shoes by Addidas which would look nicer.
    Also ballet pumps are comfy too, so that kinda throws the who trainer thing outta the window lol!

  18. What’s wrong with them? Maybe some women don’t want to force their feet into uncomfortable heels for what’s supposed to be one of the happiest days in their lives. Sure, heels make your legs look great, but you can’t see them in most wedding dresses anywa.

  19. Okay, the blue one is a hideous colour and the third one with the high heel looks weird, but the first and second … I think they look awesome! Possibly not for a formal wedding, though, and definitely not for $160.

  20. Elaine, I’m slightly offended that you describe people who don’t wear heels as “inelegant”. Heels do not always constitute elegance. In fact, in most cases, quite the opposite.

    • I agree. To see somebody stumble on their heels or even trip over (something that would happen to be being nervous and in not-that-comforable dress and on heels)… does not make me think of elegant, regal or whatever:p

  21. i’m all about comfort on your wedding, but this is another story entirely.

  22. I actually think the blue ones would be a fun “something blue”. I love that cobalt blue color.

  23. The third one down looks like the shoes Pee Wee Herman wore while dancing to “Tequila”!

  24. Why not just wear flat, comfortable dress shoes to start with?

  25. First of all, No one is going to see your feet under your wedding dress. Second, you want to be comfortable on that day. Third, dancing barefoot looks more tacky than wearing tennis shoes. How nasty can you be to walk barefoot on a dance floor of some place where you don’t know how long they clean and where you can get a fungus or something. You can wear your nice heels for the ceremony, pictures, etc. and comfortable tennis shoes, or ballerina flats for the long reception/dance. Believe me, at that time, no one is going to be looking at your feet, they are going to be having fun.
    No matter how much you can stand heels, no bride wants to be suffering on her big day just because of what people can say

  26. I wan to add to my comment. The first tennis shoes are not bad, the others specially the blue ones are ugly.

  27. Oh no. Nonononononono. Fugggly.

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