South African man marries four women at once

October 15, 2009

Why settle for just one bride when you can get four marriages out of the way at once? It’s like buying in bulk!

At least one of them looks happy….

Read the full article and see more photos  HERE


thanks again to Silvana for the submission! 


  1. Ain’t it great to be a Zulu or Muslim man? You can collect women, mix and match them, screw them all and they have to remain faithful to you.

    • I am with ya it is great to see! Not many people feel the same way.

      Take Care

    • You are a HIDEOUS sexist pig. Nuff said.

  2. If these women are happy with this situation and agreed to it then more power to them. Just because you don’t think its right “Anon” doesn’t mean its not going to happen.

    • I agree with you Fatima. It is a cultural thing, we don’t have to like it but who are we to judge? There are more important things going on in this world than whether or not it’s disgusting or acceptable that this man or men like him have two or more wives. Personally I am for monogomous relationships, but tearing up this fellow and others like him doesn’t change the fact that it has happened and will continue to happen. Ask yourselves: is this going to matter in ten years? When you are swamped with bills, kids, mortgages, struggling to make ends meet…will you REALLY be lying awake at night scorning this man and his right to have four wives? Doubtful, remove the needle from you eye FIRST before you start critiquing other’s and their customs. How low and degrating people have become today, that they feel the need to judge someone without first understanding all the facts. In America we demand equality and justice, then why not emulate that and show the world that as Americans we can be accepting and equal. You don’t have to like it or agree with it, but it isn’t your life. These people use think highly of us, and now they can only laugh and mock us. Try living in another country, you won’t be the same after a year. You’l then see Americans for what they really are, crude,crass,loud,obnoxious heathens who haven’t the faintest idea. It is what is…move on!

  3. The idea of a polygamous relationship sends shivers up my spine. I could never be happy in one of those marriages, but like Fatima said, they were all willing to do so.

    I’m suprised they’re fine for seeing him one day of the week. That isn’t marriage, that’s just a booty-call.

  4. The idea of sharing my husband makes me feel ill… but you know, if they’re all consensual and happy about it, who am I to judge?

    • Anna,

      dont knock the sharing thing until you have tried it – the sex life will get boring in ten years and you will look at ways to spice it up a bit.. swapping is great – then dogging – then cuckolding – marriage is great at first, but you have still got a long way to go and a lot to learn!

      • Wow. Condescending comment is condescending. Not everyone needs to look outside a marriage in order to “spice it up.” Some couples (my parents come to mind–over forty years, and they still act like newlyweds) are quite capable of generating their own excitement for decade after decade. For all you know, Anon has been married longer than you have and hasn’t felt the need to go “dogging” yet–and never will.

      • I agree with you Anna, i would never share my husband. As for you GABS and your “dont knock the sharing!” comment, you are obviously not satisfied in YOUR marriage if you need to go outside of it to spice it up. I feel sorry for you. I have been married 12 years and the sex is still awesome, and no i dont need anyone else in my bed to satisfy me other than my husband. Its all about finding things to keep it spicy, interesting, mindblowing and very much alive with EACH OTHER. That is what marriage is all about, finding the balance and working to keep it healthy. Girls like you who go on about swinging and dogging ect your nothing but whores trying to justify your unhappiness and loniless in your own marriage by assuming woman need to screw around to be happy. Your a disgrace to the santicty of marriage!!!

      • Нет,по мне бы пржить 10 лет счастливой жизни..так спокойнее

  5. To each their own…but creepy.

  6. everyone here is trying so hard to be politically correct with their “if they’re happy about it” bs that they forgot to look at the photo. none of these women looks elated. as for consent, they probably didn’t have much say in the matter, either due to familial/social pressure or out of economic need.

    • Um…is that why at least three of the women in that picture are smiling? It appears to me, you’re simply projecting your own views on the photo and chosing to believe none of the women look happy.

  7. It sounds like most of them are just marrying him for his money. He’s set them up in very nice homes. The women don’t really have options beyond either trying to get a job that probably pays very little or marrying well. They chose marrying well. None of them seem to love him, beyond what he gives them.

    Is it really a choice, if the only other choice is starvation and/or abuse and/or misery?

  8. Absolutely love your blog!! Thanks for making my day!

  9. what a wedding night.

  10. I’m finding this rather sad. Almost all the negitive comments. Fatima’s the only one who didn’t seem negitive. The puritin mind set that America and indeed some of Europe is in, is just…troubling. We look at traditions like this, not understanding the meaning and indeed, the history, nor the people involved and automatically scream WRONG, because we’re taught, one man, one woman. Yet if one were to look at it with a different eye, it seems all these one man, one woman marriages end in bitter divorce, if not worse. Human beings BY nature are NOT monogomous beings. This is why we have boyfriends and girlfriends in our lives before we marry. And for those of you who will no doubt argue that polygomoy is against God’s word, you obviously need to go back and read the old testimate again. Polygomoy is strongly found there. The truth is people, polygomoy has been around since the world began. No it’s not for every one, but there’s no reason to bad mouth people who practice it, or think badly of a man who loves more then one woman at the same time. After all, so many married men in America have mistresses on the side, and you all know it.

    • I don’t agree with everything you said, but you do have a point. Nobody seems to care if a man cheats and has flings with multiple women, but it’s automatically “bad” if he wants to marry them!

    • Just an FYI… it’s not like polygamy is legal everywhere except the US and “some of Europe”. It’s illegal in a lot of places, and the US wasn’t the first country to do so. In fact, the Greeks and the Romans were the first to ban the practice, so it’s kind of silly to specifically accuse Americans of being puritanical.

      Personally, I don’t care if you want to marry 20 people, and wouldn’t mind if the law was abolished. Just don’t expect tax benefits, etc. because you’ve got multiple wives and a gagillion kids.

  11. Yes, this is definitely tacky. Are the women desperate, getting paid a lot of money or just plain crazy. He looks like a good looking man but gee, not that good looking.

  12. I always thought marriage was about sharing your life with ONE person. Each to their own ofcourse. Still though, the traditional vows mean nothing if you’re marrying four women at once.

  13. wow is this site ever updated?
    I made the mistake of reading everything on the day i discovered it and i`ve been waiting for more ever since…please please please show us more trash 🙂

    • Sorry! Will post more frequently, I know how addicting all of this is 😉 Thanks for reading.

      • thanks! great new stuff 🙂
        hope the family etc is going to be ok now
        *big hug*

  14. Why judge these people from the perspective of a different culture? The sheer lack of respect for other cultures has cause more problems in the world. In this case the man is being honest about wanting more than one woman and is not hidding the fact. In africa you call them 1st, 2nd and 3rd wife…and it is acceptable and keeps balance in society. In the west…people hide and sneek around…with 2nd or 3rd wives usually referred to a Mistresses….Whats the name of that French President…? Remember him? Its his culture…live with it

  15. I’ve got to agree with maolijiang. If you read the article that was linked to, it does not seem like a bad situation.
    They are Zulu and having more than one wife is a traditional part of their culture. It’s not quite the same as someone in say, England, having four wives, where bigamy is illegal.
    He is a businessman and has provided well for his wives and children. I think this is a better arrangement than a man having one wife and other women on the side.

  16. Its shame a nation like ours has lost its morality that made it what it is . but its slowing fading as the political correctness takes over and the soul of a nation is lost .

  17. Not a choice I would personally make, but hey, at least they have stability if the guy has money, so I won’t judge!

    Still… he could of at least had a separate wedding for each. Or at least two double weddings. Shame.

  18. hey chucky i hope you enjoy being such a self righteous a$$.

    i assume the morality that our nation was founded on, that you miss so much, is the same one that denied women and nonwhites equality, and encouraged slavery? people like you love to decry political correctness, but what you really want is for everyone to be and think just like you. i guess you’re not so different from communist china after all, huh?

    just because polygamy works for other people doesn’t mean it’s going to threaten your way of life, you xenophobes. and just for the record, polygamy would never work in america… one american wife is more than enough to make you miserable… four american wives would be tantamount to suicide. there’d be nothing left to give wives 3 and 4 in the divorce!

  19. Hello!

    Could anybody send me some contact from this man? I’would like to write abouth his life. Thanks for helping.


  20. After more than 20 years of marriage, I can understand why one is smiling. She really gets it: 3 days off, 1 day on. Share all the housework 4 ways. Having one whole man to yourself is highly over-rated. Misery loves company.

  21. are you kidding me! 3 women looked pissed! theres no getting around that… thats the way they want to live, then thats the way they want to live. makes no diffrence to me… gonna be alot of estregen to handle (spelled that wrong) one woman is hard enough to deal with… hes got !4!… lol good luck man …lol

  22. I think the brides all look beautiful. Congrats to all of them.

  23. While I’m not poly by nature and have doubts about a weekly meet-up actually constituting a “marriage”, so long as each participant is a happy, consenting adult and they’re taking care of themselves and each other, good luck to them.

    I think the brides all look very pretty.

  24. That man is a misogynist. Those women have been brainwashed to think they have no other choice in life. Not tacky, just sad.

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