Super classy country wedding…

December 16, 2009

2 mounted trout on drywall,  a keg, dirty clothes, cake smashing, and oh yeah, its in a garage… its party time!!

Really?  Not even going to hose the thing off?



  1. I think this one is more red-neck than country!

  2. I just enjoy how they couldn’t find the time to at least paint the garage drywall before they decorated it with fish. I understand having the wedding at home and doing it your way, but what happened to some prep?

    Thanks for being back, sorry about your family. 😦

  3. I hope everyone had a great new years but in a classier style than this wedding lol

  4. I think you’re pretty tacky and trashy for holding others up to ridicule. What a nasty little snob you are.

  5. It’s the sweatpantification of America.

  6. Well, I can say from experience that if you live in the country your car is covered with dirt. And you live in clothes that you can wear to shovel out the barn. Kudos to these people for not putting themselves in debt over a wedding — but a little more effort would have made for nicer pictures. Maybe it was calving time and they just had time to pick up the cupcakes and get hitched before checking on the cows in the snow.

  7. Its a good thing I saw this post, I was going to wear the same exact jean jacket for my wedding. How tacky would that have been!

  8. it wasn’t snowing, I’ve seen the other pictures, they took pictures on hay stacks next to the horses. It was a fall wedding so it was just cold enough to need a dirty jacket when the day wedding turned into a night reception.
    I would post the extra pictures I saw, but I don’t want to blur faces and embarrass the badly dressed guests and the huge bridesmaids and skinny groomsmen.

  9. You guys rock! I can’t believe wedding could this be dirty. 🙂

  10. Good for them, not needing fancy things to get married, just love.

    Not me though. I’ll have fancy things. And love. Oh yes.

  11. Is that the background or is there a mural on the back of the garage door?

  12. Definitely not country. This is a redneck wedding….


  14. And who is the dyslexic person who wrote ‘here comes the bride’ with the “d” backweerrrdzzz… Oh a white trash wedding is so fun to see.

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