Updating Facebook and Twitter at Altar (Video)

December 16, 2009

Hello all! Sorry for the 2 month hiatus, I had two deaths in the family one after the other so I have not been blogging very much! I’ve recieved a bunch of great submissions in the interim, so thank you so much!

video submitted by Silvana



  1. Oh my gods…that’s full of wrong….

    Why are the people there laughing????? I’d be disgusted and walk out!

  2. yep I saw that 😉

  3. My husband and I had it in our ceremony. “I prnounce you husband and wife. You can kiss the bride and update your Facebook status”. But then, we had a geek-themed wedding, in a geek coffee shop in a non-secular ceremony. 🙂

  4. That’s old – my friend Melissa did it a long time before them.

    It wasn’t tacky – it was really fitting for the couple, and personalizing your wedding is always in style!

  5. WEho cares who did it long before them, it’s just tacky regardless of how much the couple is obsessed with texing and facebook.

    You can personalize your wedding with out making a joke of how obsessed people are with this texting crap.

  6. I enjoy your blog very much and wanted to offer condolences on the deaths in your family. I’m just that sorry.
    Happy to have you back however!

  7. LOL! Least it was memorable for the giggles, rather than tacky 7ft wedding cake. or 15 bridesmaids, as some people have.

    • 15?А церковь венчаться не запретила?

  8. I am glad you posted this on your website I think this is tacky…To stop your ceremony not for any valid reason but to updated your Facebook and Twitter (Which you know will be outdated in 5 years) Tacky Tacky

  9. Hahaha, I would totally do that. xDD

  10. Priceless. Maybe it’s because I’m part of generation Y, but I thought this was super funny. If my Mister did that our wedding I would’ve thought it was adorable. But then again I’m sure it would’ve shocked my mother.

  11. I like it because it’s ironic… at least I hope they’re being ironic.

  12. To No thanks–If you ask me, insulting someone else’s wedding (i.e. the person RIGHT ABOVE YOU) is even less classy than texting at your wedding. If the couple are known geeks, and the couple is incorporating that into their wedding, then it was probably fitting. Like with Lynne’s. I’ve seen way worse things. For example, if his ex called all of a sudden and he took the call, that’d be way worse.

    Is it me or do some people just hate theme weddings? At least it’s thinking out of the typical white wedding box.

  13. Tweeting at weddings is, perhaps worryingly, not quite as exclusive as you’d imagine. Check out our fail safe guide to mixing social media with the big day.


  14. I thought it was cute. They meant it as a joke. It’s hard trying to be different then other weddings. thats why my fiance decided to do pop rocks as wedding favors… weird? yes but it’s definitely going to be entertaining 🙂 I’ll come here and post pics rofl

  15. LMBO!! That’s Hilarous… but I wouldn’t DARE allow my husband to attempt it!

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