And the theme of this wedding would be??

April 29, 2010


from DListed…



  1. Is the theme “Genital Union?”

  2. There is only one appropriate phrase I can think of………….WTF ??

    • The theme has to be Vegas Barf

  3. Can’t comment – laughing too much. And yeah, WTF!!!!!

  4. These folks are burlesque performers, or at least some of them are. I’m pretty sure the redhead is Giza Sangria, who does striptease with the Midnight Muse Revue in Minneapolis, and the guy on the far left is a guy who goes by Clownvis (Clown Elvis: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mvasaly/4118730037 — I don’t know either).

    I … can’t believe I actually recognized people in a photo posted to this site …

  5. The theme is ‘Las Vegas – the tackiest place on earth!’

  6. The only wedding where the bachelor/bachelorette parties were more tasteful.

  7. Ah, burlesque. Loving it.

  8. This is the wedding of St. Louis area burlesque performer Sturdy Gurlesque. The entire wedding was a beautifully campy burlesque/vaudeville show.

  9. Burlesque wedding! Awesome! I know it looks kinds tacky, but I still love it.

  10. oh…. my…. god…

  11. I love it—for Burlesque folks! Certainly not for everyone!

  12. unique wedding theme..it’s more of like a Las Vegas theme..

  13. So amazing wedding photos!!!!
    I’ve seen the same photos on the wedding website but can’t find smth like this!!!

  14. Yeah, I’ll second that, OMG and WTF?!!!! Are they still married??????

  15. All I can say is uhhhhhhhh……oh my god…..

  16. i think its so cool yes a bit tacky but i love it diffrent is good , so good on you all guys 🙂

  17. Rocky Horror Wedding Show!

  18. Awesomeness would be the theme!

  19. Less is more…and Elvis Clowns are a must this season.

  20. Can NOT believe the photographer put his name on that photo. I would be ashamed to have my name attached to that. Actually, I would have been horribly embarassed to shoot that wedding.

  21. Ewwwww

  22. Fu€king A. That’s all I can think right now. A clown weds a giant stripper??

  23. Less is more…and Elvis Clowns are a must this season. nice and nice!!!

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