Thank God I was Wearing Pants

June 3, 2010


  1. Poor girl tumbles down the stairs, and her friends upload it to YouTube? Not nice.

  2. Pants in the US means trousers, pants in the UK means underwear. Google taught me this.

  3. Prom girl or traveller wedding bridesmaid?

  4. So sad. This site seems to have shut down. The creator said she had lots of neat stuff to show and then disappeared.

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  6. Dumb, just dumb, staged!!! Watch it twice and you’ll see how stupid it looks…how did you let this one get posted. It’s as bad as AFV staged vids. Get it off, keep this site real.

    • i really doubt it was staged… who would do that in their prom dress right before prom?! and yes, i’m sure you can say “but it might not even really be her prom”… ok then why would they’ve gone thru the trouble of dressing everyone up and doing their hair for such a short bit?

      • Who throws themselves down steep stairs for a stupid video laugh? No one.

  7. You know what you should try? Just as en experiment? Post one entry a month, just one day a month upload something new to your website. It should be quite easy at this point, since we’re in wedding season and there is more than enough material out there. This site used to be cool but now, it’s the same boring pictures every time I come here and ya know, it’s not worth it to google anymore.

    • Agreed. For all of wedding season there have been, what, two posts? So done with this site.

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