Castle Wedding Cake

September 15, 2010

The picture with the glamor shot fist-under-chin pose really clinches it.



  1. pki email nman skin mga design ng hell0 kitty cakes ny0 ung pang wedding then ung price

  2. I guess a wedding cake might as well be a castle. It seems kind of childish though.

  3. This thing goes beyond tacky. Really. I at first actually thought the cake was made of styrofoman due to lack luster icing.

  4. That cake would be more suitable for some rich, spoiled little girl’s birthday!


    • It’s always funny when it’s not happening to you, huh?

      Not only did my brother’s mother-in-law spend hours on this cake, it looked fantastic in person.

      Since this picture is the property of my sister-in-law (or whoever took the picture), you should probably remove it and not paste your copyright infringing watermark on it.

      Nice enough of you to blur out the faces, though.

  6. Assholes.

    Do you honestly have nothing better to do than make fun of other people?

    Honestly, get a life.

    Who cares if a wedding is “tacky” or not. Weddings aren’t about the decorations, the dress, or the flowers. (Well, they shouldn’t be) They are about a man and a woman becoming united because they want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, no matter what anyone thinks.

    Seriously, some people need to grow up.

    Personally, I do not find the cake tacky.
    It’s a fun cake that obviously had a lot of hard work put into it.

    • Seriously? THIS WEBSITE IS TACKYWEDDINGS.COM jeez if you want someone to grow up maybe you should look at yourself! No one is being harmed by people talking about this cake!! If you think it is beautiful good for you, I’m sure the bride and baker loved it as well and that is really and truly all that matters. BUT since we live in America and have freedom of speech I will say if someone does not want people to comment on their pictures they should not post them on the internet where ANYONE can view them and copy the image! Also I think it does look like a childs cake and not a wedding cake but get this that is only my OPINION!!!! So instead of berating people for getting a giggle in a life that is full of stresses maybe those that don’t care for the comments should visit sites that don’t allow people to comment. : )

  7. I used this same $25 special “Michael’s exclusive” Wilton set for my daughter’s birthday…. her 3rd birthday, which just so happened to be Disney princess themed. But I made fondant to go over the towers so they wouldn’t look quite so plastic-y and tacky. The whole job took about 4 hours, so not much time or effort at all. I never would have guessed it would be considered for a wedding cake. I’m hanging onto it for a possible pirate themed party for my son, but I may get it out to the garage sale pile yet, wedding season IS coming up. HAHAHA

  8. I like it. It’s well executed. The castle looks like a castle and the flowers look like flowers. Although the purple glitter may put some people off (is purple glitter edible/non-toxic?).

    But then I think the Irish Traveler weddings are festive and fun, too.

  9. I think it’s funny. Haha.

  10. Wow. I think this is quite a beautiful cake and it obviously took a lot of work to make. It’s not a conventional wedding cake and it’s not really my style either. The point is, its what the couple wanted and that’s all that matters. Besides whats worse than being average???

  11. Je$us chri$t, how many people can actually think to themselves “Why dont we have a cake made in the shape of a castle?! Omg so tromantic .”. Barfff. …

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