Camo-licious wedding

September 17, 2010



  1. Um… *what* exactly is the officiant wearing?!?! I mean, at least the bride is in a dress and the groom in a suit, even if they are camo-patterned…

  2. omg i would die if my fiance told me that is what he wanted our wedding to look like! wow that is just ugly

  3. I am not sure that tacky is the right word. I’m still struggling to find a word that fits what I just saw. 🙂

  4. Why did she wear that dirty looking veil? Is that some kind of camo fabric?

    These people worked very hard to look silly.

  5. A particularly ugly theme wedding, sure. But I don’t necessarily find it tacky.

  6. Must….Bleach….Eyes….

  7. WOW. I’m inspired.

  8. Wow. Is this for real?

  9. Oh my gosh. My dad used to be the mayor of our tiny town in Idaho and he got asked to perform a ceremony similar to this. The woman was in an orange camo dress and the guy was in regular camo… The best part was, though, that they had my dad stay behind a duck blind and they gave him a microphone. Then they configured this deer (like the Big Mouth Billy Bass singing fish) and whenever my dad said anything, the deer’s mouth would move. THE DEER PERFORMED THE CEREMONY! Good to know there are more outdoor people out there. lol

    • Tacky but hilariously original with the deer.

  10. I’d die a thousand DEATHS before I torture myself through a wedding like this!

  11. My brother and sister-in-law are renewing their vows in February, and they want a camo wedding. They want me to do the decorations, invitations, the cooking, and the cake. I get sick just thinking about the entire wedding party wearing camo – which they’ve been asked to do. I refuse to do anything camo -for their decorations. Camo – What the h*ll are they THINKING!

  12. Sorry to say, the fabric that they chose, kind’ve looks like it blends in with the tree. Question: Why would you wear a black, fur shawl, if your wedding is in the summer, and it’s camoflauge. Both aspects, melded together, really rid the use of a a fur shawl.

  13. Wow what a cool couple! I l o v e it! mgrmikes@aol.com….. yah that rocks!!

  14. My favorite part is how the cake is topped with two male hunters.

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