Neon Pink and Green Wedding

February 8, 2011








  1. Wowzers. It’s amazing what you can find when out skip-diving.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this wedding, the colors arn’t great but I’m sure the bride and groom would hate lilac or peridot.

  3. I like how in the 4th picture, a guest is wearing jean shorts and trainers.

  4. I’m am not a fan at all of camoflauge weddings. It looks the whole motife for the wedding, is to blend in with the foliage surrounding it. Now, I’m not all for either, necessarily speaking, saying that this is a redneck wedding. That is just a blatant stereotype in my opinion. For you have alot of people, who are quindesential rednecks, yet wear these distasteful garments. Point being, I don’t like them. But, the way they incorporated the jeans with the camo tank tops, is pretty clever. However, the bride and the groom are wearing formal, while the bridal party is wearing evindent, camo casual. It throws it off a bit. As for the last couple of pictures, am I the only one, or does it look sort’ve Halloweenish?

  5. year drees is ugly xxxxx

  6. I don’t think it’s that bad. My ex’s favorite color is lime green and when he married his wife there colors were Lime green, and baby powder pink. This fit together SOOOO much better!!!!

  7. Is there symbolism to green, pink, and black? I’m wondering if this a reference to some vid game or something. It’s put-your-teeth-on-edge bright, but whatever makes one happy.

    I would love to see the color decore of this couple’s home — orange, purple, and red?

  8. your wedding dress is ugly!!!!, the colors are not bed together but not for a wedding term lol,

  9. Is it bad that I don’t think the bride’s dress is ugly?

  10. The palatte is hideous, but if they insist on these colors, they’ve done a pretty skillful job.

    Hey, Tacky Wedding Blog Person — why do you post something and then go away for six months? You keep saying that you have great stuff to post? So, do it. I gave up on this blog months ago and just come by once in a while — you’ve tossed away a blog that worked!

  11. Well, the colours work nicely in the bouquet and the cake. Although now I’m imagine those ribbons on a black cake *shudders in horror at the horror of black fondant icing*

  12. Her tit tattoo is way tackier than anything about the wedding.

  13. Looks like prom night left overs. I wonder if it was a case of money or a case of we hate tradition.

  14. pretty sure this couple cant be over 18,19 years old.. the bridesmaids look 12!! little scary!

  15. I have to agree with Dawn. The scariest thing about this wedding is the age of the bride and groom! Everyone in the wedding party is still in high school and one of them looks no older than 14. Of course the colors are going to be bad when a Avril Lavigne-obsessed 18-year old picks them!

  16. Well look how young they are!? Do you really expect a couple who are that young to choose complimentary colors? It’s not the worst but it isn’t preferred. Although worth gawking at.

  17. I actually like the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding cake (except topper)

  18. I LOVE the neon pink veil. LOVE IT!!

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