Camo, guns and ATV Wedding

February 9, 2011


So the theme of your cake is, tripping deer?



  1. Oh my… please tell me this really didn’t happen? x

  2. At least they did it their own way and didn’t conform to what others wanted. Their own awkward, tacky, and funny way.

  3. I like the bride’s camo bustle dress. It has some style. I may copy the idea if I ever want to lurk in the brush dressed as brush.

  4. Very unique lol

  5. I do hope this was just a joke. Of course, to each their own. Thanks for posting these. Karen

  6. Can I bitch and moan how this just totally misrepresents Southern US culture? How not every person in the US is a redneck!! Maybe go on and on about how gorgie it was and use really bad spelling and grammar ..wait that’s on the traveller wedding comments that that happens on. I mean, she had her dress custom made, that had to cost a pretty penny! X-D Guns aren’t cheap..were they party favors? Was it a bring your own gun party? Did they have a squirrel on the spit? Or any roadkill? I don’t even see a single BEER! What a dull wedding if they didn’t have beer! That’s the national drink of Alabama. X-D

  7. I like the bride’s camo bustle dress.

  8. So special.

  9. It is very attractive.

  10. It is very special.

  11. hahahahaha! And I bet they thought it was just awesome. lolol

  12. You have choose best place for your wedding. I like it. 🙂


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