Gothic Weddings

February 9, 2009







Walking down the aisle with an expletive strew across your back…..first class all the way.




This bride runs a really neat website, Black Wyrm Designs, where she sells her own jewelry and journals. Check it out.  She and her husband are still happily together after 8 years!

















This corpse bride cake is actually really cute! I love the butterflies.




  1. Haha. Wow. Is it wrong to think those flower girls are kind of cute?
    And nothing says classy like a fake necktie.

    • I definitely think the flower girls are cute and look like they enjoyed wearing those dresses for sure…..

  2. not all of that’s bad, the corpse bride cake is uber cute and the coffin’s filled with sweets are nice too. It’s really hard to do an alternative wedding without it turning into a horrible sugar filled halloween mess

    • I’d love to have my own Gothic wedding, and seeing those ideas have helped me think of good ideas to pull the perfect one off.

      You rarely see any of these weddings happening where I’m from (Andover, England, U.K.).

  3. The corpse bride cake is awesome.

  4. I third the corpse bride awsomeness, I also quite like the look of the lady with the funky white contacts, I would love to try on an outfit like that and parade around with a parasol 🙂

  5. I’m wondering what they’re going to think of their weddings in 20-30 years. It’s kind of like getting a tattoo- you need to be sure it’s something you can live with for the rest of your life.

    • If you are a part of an alternative culture (i.e. Goth, Rave, Steampunk, etc.) and it something that you are dedicated to, then there would be no regrets. As a Goth and an active member of the local Goth community, I intend on having a Goth wedding. Family portraits with my children are taken in a local cemetery. Skulls, coffins, and vampires are a large portion of how our home is decorated. Every day is Halloween for me and my children. Having a Goth wedding would be more true to who we are as people and as a couple than having a wedding that adheres to what everyone else might consider traditional. I think these people feel similarly.

  6. The picture of the women in corsets and no pants gave me the motivation I needed to get up off my ass eating egg rolls whilst idling the time perusing mindless sites (but I’m getting married, so it’s research…right?) to work out so I can fit in my size 0 dress.
    I know quite a few gothic people, and even they would not have a tacky halloween wedding. There is a difference between darkly romantic, and halloween-season dollar store.

  7. Love the corpse bride cake!!!!!

    I wonder if the person dressed as a bunny could be Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill….. but I think is too disturbing even for a gothic wedding.

    The picture of the girl with the parasol is awesome 😀

  8. ugghh. There’s a reason the Gothic look developed in Japan. Only japanese people can pull off the costumes and not look like fat ugly overly made up people in halloween costumes.
    I can’t imagine what possessed those girls to wear corsets and underwear. Do they REALLY think that all that cellulite is attractive?
    Not to mention that old lady in white makeup in the first few photos. Scary scary.
    Whatever happened to a normal classy wedding? These people look absolutely ridiculous and I’m sure people had a hard time keeping a straight face during the whole thing.

    • The gothic look didnt come from Japan -_- and Im sure some people would find parts or your wedding tacky. So I wouldnt be so quick to judge.

      • Your name says it all.

      • whatever happened to a classy what? You’re so ignorant. Every wedding in the world is a cookie cutter white..so what happened? They’re all there, loser! What are you living under a rock? Did you know Michael Jackson passed away? FYI b/c you’re living under a rock..and these ppl are daring enough to do what they want and how they feel inside and not conform to some stupid cookie cutter traditions and you mock them. Your life is pathetic and closed-minded. Try to have a blessed day.

    • debatable.

      newyork jewish fade was discovered and baddly adopted by a british band who adopted and took it back to england with them.

      new romantic+punk=

      • forgot to say the wedding cake, corpse bride one is indeed pretty.

        and alternative weddings have been done prettier than those shown. though i do think some of the snaps are rather endearing.

    • EEW!! It is people like yourself, that make this world DULL DULL DULL!! Get into your mini-van, drive to some soccar game and fuck off! Creativity kills ya!

      • PS “CL-ASSY” that means YOU.

      • heehee OOPS sorry I meant Melissa. I like CLASSY.

    • Melissa. We are and always shall be. You, however, will not. What you call normal, we call sickness. You just keep sticking your nose in the air, it will make it much easier for the guillotine blade to find your neck.

  9. Love your site. I’m also happy to report I have nothing to send you!

  10. The goth look developed after punk in the UK. It came over to America via Adam Ant. The goth loli look is new to japan.

    Guess what, not every one wants a boring normal wedding. Respect peoples choices rather than demand they conform. If every one had the same white wedding it’d be really dull

    • I agree with you. Americans lack individuality. They’re always wanting to be the person next to them. If people want their wedding to be different from everyone else’s, they should be able to do so without being patronized about it. They’re just trying to express their real selves during their wedding. What’s wrong with that? Just because the dress has always been white and everything is elegant and such for many, many years, doesn’t mean it always has to be like that. Not everyone wants to remember their wedding as the bore of their life because they were too afraid to do what they really wanted. It’s not your wedding.

      • I don’t think Americans lack individuality but maybe it’s just me. I’m so boring I design and make all my own clothes, that’s how mainstream I am. And my wedding dress is going to be off-white…because I like my pale skin and red hair and that color shows it off best!

  11. you should have cut each other’s heads off, that would be shocking! otherwise: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. […] Weddings posted an assortment of gothic wedding pictures for your interest. Now, I am not, by nature, a fan of this blog, because I think tacky is totally […]

  13. maybe its just me but the corset underwear wedding looks more like a pimp marrying his hoe not gothic

  14. Regardless of her fashion aesthetic, the woman with the red eye shadow looks genuinely happy. As for 20-30 years, if she and her husband work hard, they’ll be among the only 50% who are still married then!

  15. Aww, my wedding wasn’t tacky (pics 9 — 12). 😦

    • i think your wedding was beautiful. I am trying to plan a gothic wedding also. I found a dress, but it isn’t available anymore. I love the dress in your pics and was hoping you could tell me where you got it.

      • I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment Alice…I hope your wedding went well. My dress came from galleryserpentine.com!

  16. Also, thanks Alison! We’ve been blissfully together for over eight years. 🙂

  17. These are some wonderful, unique weddings with great personal importance to the couples getting married. They are an inspiration to always be true to your own self and not let anyone make decisions for you 🙂

  18. Most barnacles are hermaphrodites.

    • takes one to know one

  19. I would have to agree with the 20-30 year train of thought. What about the kids getting into your wedding albums? LOL Explain that to them.

    • Explain what? Freedom of expression? Being true to yourself?

      Did the hippy generation have a lot of explaining to do when their kids saw the wedding album?

      Try not to be so judgmental of those whom are different than you. Just because it isn’t your style does not make it wrong.

  20. At least they look happy, unlike some of the Bridezillas I’ve seen who will have great wedding pictures but no happy memories of the wedding.

  21. I loved this post! There are some very beautiful people in the pictures.
    Now, while I wouldn’t have gotten married in just a corset and underwear, my husband would have been ecstatic if I had. I’m a bit bigger than the Bride in that picture and would have personally felt uncomfortable showing that much skin if I were skinny or not.

    My favorite picture is the couple in the 17th picture, right above the adorable flower girls! I want the bride’s dress!

    I would love to renew my vows at a “gothicy”, darkish wedding like one of these. I’d also be incredibly proud to show of these pictures to my children and grand children down the road if the wedding was mine.

  22. I am not gothic by any means, but I do understand the concept. I also know that living this kind of lifestyle means risking more than anyone will ever know and it shapes you into a warrior from day one. In 20 years, these people will not be any different than they are now, and I’m sure the LAST thing on their list is wondering how their children will accept them. There is NOTHING wrong with gothicism. It’s a chosen way of life, just as anyone’s. THEY have accepted themselves, why can’t you?

    • I actually love the dark quirkiness of gothic weddings. They can be suger-filled halloween fun fests or delightful tongue-in-cheek affairs…which are both insanely fun to attend if you have a sense of humor and of the dramatic. And you like to dress up! Personally I wanted to dress as the corpse bride (but in a less blue hue…makes me look sallow) but my fiance (whose favorite thing is the whole world is zombies) put the kabash on it.

  23. I thought the dress the girl with the umbrella was wearing was pretty cool, The one with the corsetes & uderpants was just fukin off!

    But then again at least they did something different!
    I HATE having to sit through normal boring traditional weddings, it’s like everyones too scared to do something different.
    These people probably would have wanted to scare/shock “the normals!” anyway by jugding by some comments here i guess they’ve already succeeded.

  24. Defenitely photoshopped. All of them.

  25. They look like they’ll be very enthusiastic about the Until Death Do We Part stuff.

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  27. woo.


  29. Interesting post….why do pretty goth girls insist on dressing badly and applying their make-up so questionably.

  30. There’s tasteful gothic and then there’s tacky gothic. Some of those are tasteful, others like the third one with the leash are a little goofy looking to me. But far be it from me to say nobody can pull off the leash thing. At least it’s fitting when you think about what marriage can feel like sometimes. 😉

  31. lame Jessica fodera (Addams now) is the one being married by the dude in the bunny suit. i think she’s absolutely gorgeous in that dress and beautiful in general. whyyyyy oh whyyyyy did she have to get married to that man?

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  33. What a bunch of nut jobs. “Oh daddy didn’t hug me” “my mommy never said she loved me” GET OVER IT YOU FRUITLOOPS

    • These are exactly my thoughts too when i attend a boring white wedding! I mean, it’s YOUR wedding. It’s not about your mommy and daddy issues.

      So putting yourself in a silly white dress or completely carbon copy black tuxedo and mincing around like you’re special because you didn’t get hugged enough isn’t going to help!

      If you like crimson, wear it! It doesn’t matter what either of your parents thinks. It only matters what YOU want.

      So freaking wear that instead of buying into the guilt that you have to look the same as everybody else 🙂

  34. The 21st picture down from the top is actually not a wedding at all – it’s a picture from Wave-Gotik-Treffen, a German festival for gothic music. It draws goths from everywhere in the world.

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  36. not sure which is the stupidest: weddings or gothic…

  37. Oh my god, it’s true that woman are their own enemies! “I have to fit into my size 0 dress! All these girls are fat!” Sure, maybe to you these ideas are tacky, but guess what? It’s their wedding, not your boring, white dress, ‘oh crap, I’ve just gone into debt for the rest of my life over a stupid party!’ wedding. (:

  38. this is brilliant! i’m a goth, and i love that these girls are doing what they want and having their dream day!! good on you! people that moan about it are jealous and also don’t understand the concept of “goth” but that’s their sorry story!

  39. exactly sarah! 🙂 x

  40. I can dig it! Hey, whatever floats boats…. Now… on SOME of those pictures, NOT ALL but some… it IS downright tacky. I believe one has to do that sort of thing with TASTE. I.E. Dress for your body type.

  41. Hi!

    I really like the pictures above. Not so many people would get the concept of using a gothic theme for their wedding. For me, i think it is cool as long as you enjoy what you are doing. Atleast the kids are having fun with yeah right?

  42. do you have the credit for the ‘fuck you’ bride? Id love to feature it on Rock n Roll Bride!

  43. […] go check out this site, either for the hilarity or maybe even for some inspiration (seriously the Gothic and the Hello Kitty weddings are awesome! – I’ve featured one of those Hello Kitty weddings […]

  44. you know it aint written on stone anywhere that every bride shud be in white..,heck white means purity”virgin” n i bet almost 99% of brides in this era aint virgins….as 4 body size if ur groom is hapy with ur cellulite,anybody else shud jus lay off!! gothik theme is wicked….mayb in 30 yrs to come ppl wil b weddin in bikini’s,dnt wory bout wat u’ll tel ur kids..,

  45. I spy… a giant bunny???

  46. […] I discovered a blog called Tacky Weddings featuring photos and video of, well Tacky Weddings.  There is some seriously fucked up shit on this blog.  Anyway, there’s a whole big rift (sort of) in my family (really just my cousin pissed at me, and my grandmother confused over what she should do) because my cousin who lives in Atlanta decided to have a Halloween wedding.  There’s no big party, just a Halloween ceremony, and small brunch complete with costumes.  I’m getting married October 30th in Mexico.  So, she’s pissed at me because that was always supposed to be her weekend…news to me.  Point is, I imagine her wedding may resemble one of these. […]

  47. the cakes are cool.

  48. Well, Is think that the haandsom eemo on the top is vry sexi. Heis like my kid who decided to blow a botttle rocket up his ass. He didn’t die, but heis gotta a huge hole beside his ass

  49. I’ve done a Gothic wedding and the couple was adorable! She wore a beautiful dark purple dress! These pics are crazy and over the top though ………..

  50. ameiii foda!!

  51. Some of those pictures are really funky! I love the cake, the little girls look like they’re having a blast, there’s some nice stuff here.

    Just one thing. In many of those pictures, it WAY TOO SUNNY for most goths I know. Why aren’t these weddings happening at night?

  52. schizo, white never meant “purity” or “virginity” for brides. It signifies joy and only became popular after Queen Victoria got married in white. The white=virginity thing is a myth.

    • Green or Red or even Black dresses were more popular before Queen V. Green symbolized new life and hope. Red was for prosperity (in children and wealth). Black was often worn in America and Europe during the 1800’s because it was usually their best dress!

  53. […] worse, how about a Goth wedding?  So help me, I’m not going to dress like Morticia Addams, no matter how much one of my […]

  54. My Cuckoldress Goth Erotic Bride,

    Would be perfect to photograph for your web page. She is sooooooo Snow White meets Sophia Loren, but Colombian Goth Erotica.

    Anyway, cool article,


  55. Not everyone is of the “O promise me ” crowd. Its their day, and it if that is what moves them , then so be it. I love the fact that they arent afraid to be themselves. to all who hate, there is a sale at Old Navy and Ross. You need khakis.

  56. My now ex-husband and I had a gothic wedding. Well I did anyway. He asked me to marry him at 10am. I went to Hot Topic and bought a new long black dress. He was wearing his work clothes (painter). By 2:30pm we were married. 6 years later we are divorced with two kids. All that can’t possibly be because I wore black to the wedding, can it?

  57. I think there’s a BIG difference between “theme” and “tacky”… a lot of this stuff is pretty cute, if you’re into a goth scene lifestyle.. and I totally agree with ppl who mentioned how happy these couples look, unlike most ME ME ME ME ME ME “princess” brides. Now, the girls with rather large thighs wearing corsets and underwear.. thats pretty tacky. A) because they don’t have the bodies for it and B) because no matter how hot you are.. underwear for a wedding IS kind of extreme..save it for halloween… and I agree with the comment that looks more like pimps and hos and goth!! but most of these are pretty cool.. and a couple of those cakes are fantastic!! And will they regret it in 20 years?? PROBABLY NOT!! It’s obviously a lifestyle they are into, not some teenage fad, and I think they’ll always enjoy their unique-ness.. and a LOT of ppl who get tats, especially those who REALLY enjoy body art, don’t regret their ink.. thats usually the sluts who get a tramp stamp or some sort of flower/butterfly/asian lettering on their back/belly/hip/ankle bc they think it’s “trendy” or “sexy”… again, BIG difference between “lifestyle” and “fad”. These weddings are different and cool.

  58. I absolutely love these photos! with my own wedding coming up Oct 31 2010 it gives lots of ideas my wedding dress is rennaisance stlye reg ole white but I plan on. adding to it 🙂 so far even my mothers more traditional friends think my wedding will be a blast since its all gothic martha stewart! weddings are a celebration of finding ur best friend ,lover, soulmate! u shld hav fun w/them not be stuck in whats “proper” or “acceptable” 2 society viva la difference!

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  60. I believe that gothic weddings can work out well if done properly. And it, in my opinion, mean keeping the details simple and not overwrought. Another rule to take in mind is that certain rules apply to all weddings, no matter how gothic or preppy you are.

    1: NO showing too much skin.
    2. Stick to a budget. NO ostentatious or needless overspending.
    3. Dress for the occasion: that mean no skanky clothing or clubwear.
    4. Keep the decoration to a tasteful level.
    5. Limit the color scheme to 2 or 3.

  61. These people always seem to think they are are SO edgy and ground-breaking and make all us regular folk SO nervous — but they just look stupid. Couldn’t find the costume party? Been wandering around since last Halloween?

  62. […] […]

  63. I like the cakes.

    And the glowing orb thingy.

  64. I love the pictures. I am gothic and getting married in a year with a gothic styled wedding. Those who have said its stupid are shallow and can not take individuality. Who says you have to wear the BWG like everybody else. The wedding day is for the Bride and Groom so why shouldn’t they express themselves in the manner that makes them happy. I personally find the BWG, and princess at a ball style wedding to be tacky and fake. Be yourselves and #$%@ everyone else.

  65. one of those kids is a fat pig!

  66. adorei as fotos sou facinada pelo mundo dos goticos mas nao posso nem comentar pq minha familia e crente,mesmo assim eu achei o maximo e se eu pudesse me casarias vestida assim.

  67. Goth is dead like most of the brides, and so is Elvia. In Most Citys, People just laugh out loud or at you. So if you don’t mind public embaresment
    the look is long over it’s and G-off..

    • It’s not dead and it’s not a look, it’s a subculture.

    • It didn’t die it went underground.

      • It stayed underground… =)

      • It’s always been an underground subculture, as I’m sure most of you knew. Most don’t realize that it’s 85% about the music and 15% about your attire lol. Most people are so ignorant in thinking that if someone wears black, it’s goth… I enjoy REAL goths. These weddings above are very unique and I appreciate what they have done. Goths tend to be creative moreso than anyone else. Also, my wife and I had a gothic Victorian themed wedding and EVERYONE who showed up said it was by far the best wedding they had ever been to. When even an 86 year old woman says that, it means something.

        (Waves at Danielle’s crew =) I remember some of you guys from the club)

    • Pssst Elvira (i THINK that’s what you were trying to say) isn’t dead either. She looks fabulous for her age! I just saw her at a horrorcon a month ago, she had a line around the block just to get her signature. So, would people do that for you Dirty Face Joe? I’m guessing no.

  68. As others have said, goth/gothic weddings absolutely can be executed with taste, style and decorum. Viva fun and individuality!

  69. I am actually planning a victorian gothic garden wedding with vintage goodies right now. I enjoyed some of these pictures. The flower girls are cute, the lovely black parasol (I’m ordering mine soon) and the stunning red flowers. However, I do believe that there is a difference between a gothic wedding and a tacky gothic wedding. I am actaully wearing a white and black gown. It’s a very lovely gown, but it isn’t for everyone. If you are interested go to MaggieSottero.com, which is a popular wedding gown website with beautiful high quality gowns, and look up a gown that is called the “Anne Marie”. That’s my gown. My bridal bouquet will black magic roses, with somethig else, but I’m not sure because I’m still in the planning stage. My handsome groom is going to be wearing a victorian style suit with coat tails and a top hat. His accessories will be a beautiful pocket watch and maybe a cane with a silver-plated knob on top (ssshhhhhhhhhh!!! that might be his Christmas present!) My bridesmaids will be in a simple elegant floor-length strapless gown , and my little flower girl will have a white and black gown. You know what……I’m not ashamed of my wedding. Check out our lovely wedding planning website. I’m not shy. I would love to share my ideas with anyone who is willing to look…..Enjoy!


  70. LMFAO!!!!

  71. I loved it! Too bad this in on TACKYwedings.com; it isn’t tacky, it’s just different. <('.'<)

  72. Six up from the bottom isn’t from a wedding fyi.

  73. Dude, if you don’t like this stuff, don’t look at it. It’s really no one’s business what people’s taste is or what they l;ike, or what they choose to do. Seriously, quit judging people just because they are not like you or they don’t like what you like. It’s stupid and ridiculous that you bash people just because they’re not into what you’re into. We don’t dress like this or like this stuff just to piss you people off– we do it because that’s our taste, and that’s our choice, and there’s nothing at all wrong with it.

  74. I am a wedding photographer in Oklahoma but will travel nationwide. I think the perception is most important. I mean if you have quality photography then any event can look incredible. My website is http://ibd-designs.com and while my work consists of mostly traditional style weddings, I would love to shoot a goth style wedding. I do portrait work as well.

  75. EVERY wedding looks tacky and bizarre after about 5-10 years. The dresses, the make-up, the tuxes, the flowers change so fast that you cannot have a “classic” bride look anyway. So why not have some fun with it and express yourself? I like their originality and that they put so much of themselves into it. For once, the grooms don’t look like the girls picked their outfits while they weren’t looking.

    • I totally agree with you. Who lives their lives worrying what they are going to think of their wedding in 40 years? That’s not living. It doesn’t matter how much class you try to infuse into your wedding, the hair and the fashion is all going to look dated eventually.

  76. I have to say I love, love, love the dresses. Those dresses are so darn pretty. Those little flower girls are adorable and those cakes are uber cute. I would love this kind of wedding…if only I could talk the MR. into it. lol

  77. I am a wedding pianist and one of the types of Weddings that I enjoy playing is a Gothic Ceremony. I also have amassed a great amount of Contemporary and Classical music for Gothic Receptions. Based in Fort Worth, Texas with a 350 mile travel radius.

  78. Sounds of Laura is a wedding pianist who likes to play Gothic Weddings and Receptions. Contact Sounds of Laura in Fort Worth, Texas. Travel radius of 350 miles.

  79. What the fuck woman, you’re wearing a fanny pack with a cheesy skull on it over your dress? No. You shame.

  80. I love it! :D:D

  81. Ahhh. J’adore playful people.

  82. Hi all!
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  83. These weddings are very darkly expressive. I LOVE IT!!!!! Especially the one in the coffin.

  84. I don’t care. I like all of it. COOL. Don’t care what other people think. I am old (44) and a batty old “witch” and I no longer give a cat turd of what the neighbors think or say. I’m done worrying about stuff like that or how bad or good someone’s wedding was. I do care whether or not everyone had a great time!

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  87. To each his own. I am not what they call “Goth” or anything like that, however, I looooooooooove the idea of a dark wedding. And that’s what I am going to have. I don’t care what ANYONE thinks. As long as I am happy, the rest can suck it. Everyone who came on this website to talk shit about peoples weddings, need to get a life. Everyone is different. And for that, you all should be happy. Besides, if it’s not YOUR wedding, then why do you care so much? You HATERS are all the same. Don’t be mad because you didn’t think of it first….

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