Worst wedding photo shoot…

February 18, 2008




  1. I think that this Is kinda hurtful. I’m Happy for them. The hand on the butt was a little much.

    • i have nothing aganist this apart from the shoes and the hand on bum that is a little too much.

    • I think so, too…

    • I completely agree. No one has the right to poke fun at this couple.

      • Well, actually, people do have “the right to poke fun at this couple” in a lot of countries: it’s called a “freedom of speech” and it’s either explicit or implicit in the laws of the land.

        Agreed, people poking fun at these photos are sad d*cks. But it’s their right to if they choose.

  2. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww doesnt look like your a good couple

      *I CANT BREATHE* …


  3. “mucho jamon pa dos huevos”!

  4. love the dress you look hot you go girl.

  5. …*scratchs head*…WTF?! Look its Smeigle from Lord of the Rings and some Bahemoth of a bus!
    No wait…he’s a troll and she’s an elephant!!! Hahahahaha…
    I hope she knows CPR, she’ll crush the poor troll on their wedding bed…I hope they don’t breed…we don’t need more scary looking people in this world…Oi…But quite obviously their in “Love”?!
    On top of those scary looks they obviously need a strong eye glasses prescription…S C A R Y !

    • additionally I hope you never breed you ignorant judgemental bitch. I bet you don’t look much better.

      • Spell much? The word is “judgmental.”

      • actually, the word is ‘judgemental.’ If you’re going to type a snappy comeback, at least get your story straight. You lose points when you’re clueless.

      • And I hope YOU never breed, either. I don’t know what disgusts me the most; your prejudice or your sickening sense of self-importance. Oh wait…it’s your poor spelling. Go back to school and learn how to write properly, then get out of school and into real life. After a few years, come back here and let me know how you’ve done for yourself. With your sickening attitude, there’s not a single soul in this world that would ever won’t to marry you, so my guess is we won’t be seeing your wedding pictures any time soon.

  6. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwie Eww!!!
    Shit…its a night mare!!! Hahahahahahaha…

  7. No wait…Smeigle and Princess Fiona!!! Hahahahahaha

  8. WoW! They look so cute. I like the Shall of the bride


    OOO BBY!!!

  10. Good to see they purchased new shoes for the special event.

  11. i think theyre cute together. and there happy so dont make fun of them

    • ‘i think they look cute together’
      Um are you blind!?

      i know its not looks that count but seriously, he looks ILL!
      I feel SICK!

      • when someone says that a couple look cute together they are not speaking about how there appearence looks they are referring to how the couple seem in love and how they seem happy with each other, because believer it or not theres more to beauty than looks.

      • Funny frezzaB… you said that their picture is makin you sick, bitch wheres your picture?? …post one, lets see if your as ugly as your heart is…

  12. Aw, they’re not nice looking people…but they look so happy on their wedding day that it’s a lovely thing to see despite their odd looks.

  13. ok so shes eating all his food….whats the problem. bet they have plenty of sex.

  14. Man, he’s a funny looking little dude.

    More power to them, though. This is actually totally adorable. (I like the ass-grab photo in particular, LOL.)

    • yea unless of course that guy is like um whats his name off that one movie where the guy only stays with her cuz he is scared then he finaly finds someone who is way better…(Norbit)

  15. They will probably be the couple that is married 60-70 years… GOOD FOR THEM!!!

    • Women that size rarely live for 60 – 70 years.

  16. OMFG

  17. i feel kind of sorry for the little fellah. He seems so innocent.
    I think his wife wants to eat him or something. This is too WIERD!

  18. seriously. there’s nothing inherently funny about a woman marrying a man who weighs less than she does. and other than her weight, there’s nothing strange about the first two photos. they look happy. (the third one, i’ll agree, is meme-worthy)

  19. Is this seriously?!

  20. Nike slip on flip flops and beat up running shoes on your wedding day equals tacky, sorry!

  21. HOLYCRAP! 🙂 i almost peed my pants! lol…… but if they are happy i guess that’s all that matters! 🙂


  23. Jack Sprat could eat no fat. his wife could eat no lean…

  24. When I saw he was wearing trainers I felt really bad for them. Some people can’t afford new things =/ Makes me appreciate that I’m able to afford the wedding I want.

    • what makes you think this is not what they want, you are missing the whole point of marriage, it’s about two people who love,care,trust each other and respect each other, something most of you can’t do. Not everyone cares about fancy things and that’s what seperates the snobby people from the really nice people, these people would probably be the first ones to give what ever they possibly could to help out someone and one day that someone could be you, you don’t don’t know what the future holds. You don’t need to feel sorry for them because they are the happiest looking people I’ve seen in a long time, it is you I feel sorry for, for the sort of people you have all turned out to be.

      • Have to agree with you Maree…. as long as they are happy together why make such fools of them ????

  25. forget wedding cake just eat your husband instead.

    • i say she can last a few weeks

  26. Kinda sad, but I hope they’re happy.

  27. I think it’s awesome. Love conquers all y’all and I’m really happy for them.

  28. Lol I’m sorry but this is not cute. But it is funny!

    Happy marriage! =D

  29. There is nothing tacky about this wedding. I can see trashing people’s taste in attire, reception, etc. But to simply post this as “trashy” because of WHO they are ans what they look like is pretty silly.

    • I’m going to have to majorly disagree with you there. I definitely think the attire is tacky. This is tacky because the bride is wearing black rubber slip on sandals and playing grab ass with the groom. I didn’t say “trashy” and I didn’t post this simply because of the way they look. Thanks for reading though.

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  31. There’s someone for everybody………….**sigh**……….to each his own!
    But the ass grab, come on now!

  32. this has taken me three days to do and I have been haunted by this since I first saw it. At first it was the god awful dress, the size difference that is so against the norm and then the grab ass. It has been bothering me because who am I to decide that these two people, free of judgement and lucky enough to have found each other, are less than good enough to be considered marriage material. Not my taste……but may they have all the blessings of god with their lives. He looks like he could have palsy. I hope, with every fiber of my being, we never see them on Jerry Springer. I would have rathered lbeen at their wedding than to have spent two minutes thinking about paris hilton…….Beatiful by most peoples standards ….no…….Beautiful in open eyes yes…..Best of luck

  33. No, Pebbles, she’s definitely not going to live 60-70 years.

  34. Well that’s quite hurtful. Yes, the shoes are tacky, but why are these two people any less deserving of love than you are?!? Seriously? Are you so insecure that you go around making fun of everyone who isn’t perfect (and probably those who are)??? Thumbs down, stumble.

    • You are right, Allie, they ARE deserving of love, as are all the rest of us – flawed beings though we may be in both body and spirit.

      These two (obviously not wealthy) people did what people do when they love each other – they get married. As for their attire, YOU try finding a decent-looking white wedding dress in a small country town. Her dress does appear to have been lovingly hand-made – possibly by a family member or close friend. Considering the probable state of their financial situation, they put on a pretty decent little ceremony.

  35. This is obviously a fake photo shoot.
    If it is not, I say “everyone needs someone” and they have found each other.

    Not cute in the visual since, but it is kind of cute if they are a real couple.

  36. It’s nice to know that everyone has someone out there for them.

  37. Ha! Ha!

    Hideous couple. Yes I am making fun of them.

    Seriously, even if you are on a shoestring budget no need to be outright tacky(clothing choices, ass grabbing, etc…ect…)


    • Some peeps are tacky on purpose. My friends got married in matching airbrushed patriots tshirts.

  38. it’s good that that have each other and all but if I ever see those god-awful sandals and that nightmare of a dress I will tear out my eyeballs.O_o

  39. I am sure I have seen this online somewhere else, its a fake! Good laugh though.

  40. Normally I would laugh at something like this, but truth be told he’s got more going for him than I do. wah-wah.

  41. Kind of mean to nominate as a “Worst” anything ….. ;(

  42. I wonder if this couple is mentally disabled. In that case it’s kind of cute…but sad too.

    Hey at least they’re not marrying based on “hotness.”

  43. haha this is hilarious

  44. Jack Sprat could eat no fat
    His wife could eat no lean
    And so between the two of them
    They licked the platter clean.

  45. They look so happy — when people are happy, nothing else much matters. Some of the prettiest people in the world are the saddest jerks.

    • He looked like he was in pain. May have been the squinting. I hate the idea of making fun of people in this context. This sounds mean but ugly people have the right to be happy. I am engaged and not a hottie by my standards. But knowing someone loves me enough to wanna marry me even if I don’t love myself makes me a lil happier but I do think pretty people have an easier time being happy on their wedding day. And I pray these people are happy. I just don’t know if I can pray hard enough. Truth is nice or not, the image of these people is not pleasing on the eye. It just isn’t. Doesn’t mean people should make fun of it, but too say they look nice or like a happy radiant couple is just a lie.

  46. Every one needs a little love…..ha ha

  47. I agree, those are tacky outfits. The location isn’t that great either.

  48. that was discusting, he is so ugly!!! and she is so fat!

  49. Love is a many splendored thing.


  50. Maybe her fat genes will cancel out his thin genes and any children they have will be of average weight?

    The last picture looks bad, though. Since you can’t see the groom’s adult face, it looks like the bride is grabbing a child’s butt.

  51. I’d blame the photographer for this one. S/he clearly positioned them facing into the sunlight, forcing them to squint, took pictures when they appear to be unprepared, and didn’t position them well at all.

    As it is, I think the photos themselves make the odd pairing look much much worse than what it actually is.

  52. Jack Sprat could eat no fat …

    I was wishing them well until I saw the paw on the butt.

    The bride’s dress was very pretty. I like the red lace jacket and the flowers are wonderful.

    Okay, I do wish them well — years of happiness and love.

  53. They’re an odd couple, sure, but just because they aren’t conventionally attractive doesn’t mean they don’t deserve happiness.

    That being said, their photographer sucks.

  54. she’s gonna eat him

  55. Honestly, most of YOU make ME sick. So she couldn’t afford a fancy dress to make her look slim, or they couldn’t afford anything that they didn’t already have in their closets. If they love each other, then you shouldn’t poke fun. And so what if he is skinny and she is large? It doesn’t matter. I’m no size 4 but my husband doesn’t care, so why should he, or any of you for that matter? Get a life people.

    • OH Christ help me…It’s not about being fat….if you are offended LEAVE, take your criticism and go buh-bye. Nobody said you had to look at this website. If they both weighed 79 pounds and dressed this way the picture would STILL be posted. Quote”I’m no size 4″ “Get a life people” Maybe you should “get a life” OR better yet GET A SENSE OF HUMOR!

    • Please. no dress could make her look slim.

  56. To the poster’s credit, they didn’t say “worst couple”. They said “Worst PHOTO SHOOT”.

    And as I said before, the couple’s photographer should be shot. The couple looks sweet.

  57. Oww how cute! 🙂

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  59. What a beautiful bride! Please let us know where to get that gorgeous dress! The groom is really hot, too. Thank you guys for posting this very touching and beautiful array of photos

  60. okay then

  61. huhu It’s horrible nad terrible and a krimi 😀
    Hahaha…It ‘ F.U.n_N.Yy

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  63. I actually made a comic strip like this a few years back…..

  64. Let the hater’s hate on. As long as the 2 of them are happy, that’s all that matters. Love has no color and looks. It’s always blinding to look beyond appearance, and to see each others needs.

  65. Wow, there are a lot of assholes in the world. Maybe they aren’t the most perfect couple in the world, but they found love in eachother, something most will never do. Lay off and leave them alone. Go analyze yourself before you make fun of others.

  66. Obviously this was a joke, a fake photo shoot. Surely most people go that?

  67. The best part of this pic are her ugly cankles lol

  68. ya fat shite.i feel sorry for da ugly man the fat woman i might eat him .back 2 the fat woman your dress is fucken ugly i wouldnt even wear that 2 bed ewwwwwwww humty dumty in the red ha ha he he

    • Sarah you really need to grow up for yourself!!

      It’s sad to see that the only way you can feel good about yourself is to belittle other in the way you do! Hopefully one day you will have the cop on to grow up and maybe then you can function in this world as a decent person.

      But as it stands now, I have stood in better things on the street!

      Cant imagine your a stunner yourself now either!! Twat!!!

  69. Not impressed with all the negative comments. EVERYONE deserves happiness in this life, let them be.

  70. I think the title is appropriate, because even though there is nothing wrong with this couple, and personal stature or appearance in marriage doesn’t matter, the photographer didn’t flatter the couple by posing them or placing them in a better setting. The direct sunlight is harsh and creates shadows under their eyes. I’m assuming that the photographer is not professional, and probably just a friend with a point-and-shoot camera. I wouldn’t choose those particular clothes either, but the couple does look sweet and happy. I hope they don’t come across this, but unfortunately I’ve seen these same photos posted all over the web, and they are bound to know that people are laughing at them. Hopefully, they are the type to darn the masses and enjoy life the way they choose!

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  72. they look happy, dont you asses bash them. i dont see you people proudly posting your weddings or your photos… until you do stop hiding your face when you talk shit…

  73. I loved looking at this site. I am old (56) but I still love to look at wedding pictures, mostly because I was stupid about my own wedding, and didn’t get the things I really wanted….been married 37 years now and have 4 kids and 12 grand kids.
    I guess the thing I wanted to say is, how do we know this groom didn’t have something wrong with him……
    Sure they could of used a planner, and someone to help her dress better ( shoes mostly) but I have seen many a bride who was big….I just hope they love each other and they probably are getting sick of people judging them.
    Your wedding should be the best day of your life, but who’s to say what each person’s “best” is? I love LOVE a pretty wedding…but other’s dont care.
    be nice.

  74. People who are saying “don’t be meannnnn.. they’re in loveeee..” are only saying that because they feel sorry for these two and how gross they are.

  75. KILL. ME. NOW.

  76. Wtf? I know opposites attract but I swear I thought these types of magnets would break trying to piece together. Uhm, on the bright side, she’s a keeper?

  77. Shes a luky one. BIG ONE!

  78. Please God don’t let these freakshows breed. Please. I can’t imagine the ugly factor (or IQ) of the children they might spawn.

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  80. So to all of the haters hating on the haters of this “lovely” couple … Isn’t the whole point of this website to poke fun at other people and their weddings? That’s great they’re happy and yes, they probably will be the ones who grow old and die together, but honestly. You cannot sit there and judge everyone judging that couple, you came on this website for a reason … it’s called tacky weddings for goodness sake.

  81. Shame on you people with all these blaming comments! They are probably happier than you guys! Freedom of speech, is that the same of making fools of others, no! There is something called respect. You wouldnt dress yourself at your own wedding like that, fine. But these people are not afraid of being purely theirselves, and I respect that in this world where everybody cares what others think about them.

  82. I am particularly happy for this couple. Sure. They may not be supermodels, but they are still people. Plus, they seem very happy, and very much in love. For people to make fun of them (whether they be adult or children) only displays the ignorance and shear personal insecurity, manifesting in this country on a daily basis. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Just because one person does not find a certain person beautiful, that does mean another person won’t. Besides, for those of you who made explicit or derogatory comments, ask yourself this. “What do you think these people had to make them find each other, and truly accept each other for who they are?” The answer to this can be found in many areas. But in my personal opinion, it 100%, unconditional, right down to the core, love. Something that people blinded by their own fear of difference and change fail to realize, or have. The most shameful part about it is, no matter how old people get in life, you will always have the 20, 30, 40, 50, even 60+ year old, who send a negative message or statement out there, trying to ruin someone’s happiness. Evidently this couple did not care about people’s comments on their marriage. For that, (even though I have never met them in my life) I wish them the best of luck, and all the happiness life, God, and themselves can give them.

  83. I got sent this album when I worked for Norwich Union way back in 2005. When I got this there were a lot more photos in the one that I was sent. There were pictures of the bridal party, believe me they were fucking hilarious. If anyone can tell me where I can get a copy of the full wedding album I would be most grateful.

  84. To everyone who has posted comments calling those of us who made fun of these fucking mutants and there ridiculous wedding photos, what the fuck were you doing on this site anyway. The whole purpose of this site and others like it is for those normal folks among us to make fun of these type of reprobate neanderthal mutant looking fuckers and allow us to feel better about the issues we may have in our own lives. Because no matter how bad things get for me(to a certain degree)looking at shit like this makes me feel a 1000 times better about my life issues.

  85. I love this website for showing tacky brides maid dresses, bridal gowns , receptions and the like which makes us laugh and give us the thinking of “Omg, what were they thinking?” . But insulting the couples, now that is just too uncalled for. They obviously look very happy together and I give them all my blessings if I have to.

    Mocking people for their appearance is just taking it too far, if your not perfect yourself why mock others?, sorry if I seem like spoiling for a fight, but I have nothing against this blog, other than some comments posted in this section.

  86. i could nt help laught honestly but realised they have perfect love im sorry its funny but if they r in love they r in love

  87. NICE picture. hope the women go on a diet

  88. He looks like he just got off work from McDonalds…

  89. hi 2nto lb2en lba3d ktyr

  90. hi 2nto lb2en lba3d ktir

  91. LOL. . . Waii 2 freakE fa me. All i c iz da lil bitty man getN loz in a role or sumthng. . . Had2 xcape my own world of fresh wedding planning. Juz got engaged and already i am lost and confused. Thnx fa hlpN me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. There is someone for everyone!

  93. They look happy. She is wearing what is available in her size which most people dont realize hardly anything comes beautiful and cheap in plus size. Although I am a size 6 my mother is plus sized and her husband is small and they are fine together. Dress shoes for him would have been a nice touch but other than that they both seem fine. But I wont knock others for laughing, eh I cant control ur sense of humor

  94. I am confused as to why the photographer positioned them so they’re looking directly into the sun. In that second picture they look pained.

  95. I hope they don’t breed!!

  96. Ok, this is mean. If you’re spending $100K on a dress with your boobs and butt hanging out, stripper-esque bridesmaid’s dresses, and and have a tacky reception filled with skanks, be prepared to have fun poked at you. But this couple looks like they are doing the best they can based on financial limitations. And we’ve all known since kindergarten that it’s not cool to pick on someone for their looks, so let’s don’t even go there. For anyone who said unkind things, and for the person who posted this: If the bride or groom was your son or daughter, is this the reaction you would want on their happiest of days? This couple looks happy with each other, and will probably be together long after many “beautiful” marriages have been down the toilet.

    • thanks for writing this words… I couldn’t have say it better!! 🙂

  97. totally looks like they’re from the midwest… see couples like that at walmart all the time

  98. what a photo shoot. i’m surprised the photographer managed to keep the camera steady enough to manage any photos- glad he did though!

  99. Oh Boy. Well, hey, if they make each other happy then that’s great! Too many married couples are so unhappy these days.

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  101. Look at Mr.Edric Dudley & Mrs.Janelle Dudley da b4 & after pic all n 1

  102. Look at Edric Dudley & Janelle Dudley da b4 & after pic’s all at once

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