Camouflage Weddings

January 19, 2009

Look out! There’s a raccoon behind you!










This one is kind of pretty, by Erkia Sarkozi



This is a wedding invitation, in case you were wondering:














Um, your wedding cake is staring at me.


Hey, wedding or prom, there’s still no excuse!











Does there really need to be a severed deer foot cake knife holder?













  1. Oh. My. God.

    That veil is THE WORST!

    • Do you ppl not have anything better to do than judge others.I agree these weddings are not my style but they ment a lot to these people. Are you all so unhappy with your selves that you must make fun of others. YOU ARE ALL TERRIBLE PEOPLE.

      • I agree with you! My fiancee happens to be a big time camo freak….and we have seen a few things that caught our eye and may go with the Camo theme….yes some people may have gone tacky with it and gone ALL camo but whatever it is they did meant something to them and you people are just rude and obviously hate yourselves since you have to put other people down! If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all!

      • To each his own!

      • Umm Hello?? The name of this website is tacky weddings!!! People come here to get a giggle!!! If you are so sensitive to the joking you should probably go back to “The Knot” I don’t think anyone is being mean-spirited just relaxing and easing some of the anxiety that wedding planning creates. They were confident in their choices and kudos to them!!! No I would not wear a camo wedding dress or have a dear head cake topper!! Yes I think it is TACKY but my opinion does not matter to these people. No one is getting hurt feelings so please lighten up!! : )

      • Hahahaha jokes on the one making fun of all these people who obviously have guns.

      • i agree! i love camo and talked about have a camo wedding dress we talked about it. so just because its not your style doesn’t mean it isn’t someone else. they may not like your style in clothes

    • I LOVE IT!!! Im a hunter and I think its awsome that someone can have a wedding the way they want it and not care what other people think! Good for them.

      • I so agree! I’m actually looking for a camo prom dress right now! It’s to each our own. So let it be.

      • haha I love this stuff…honestly I would not do it for my wedding…HOWEVER my bf would love it lol…not happening though 😉

    • I agree…I think it is nice to see something different than your traditional wedding look. I am getting married in September, and we are working camoflage in to our wedding as well. We are avid hunters, and what is wrong with personalizing your wedding so it’s not “just another boring wedding”? I love the ideas……I may have to use some of them!

  2. Oh jeezus. The drippy-poop-looking-cake is so nasty. And there’s more than one!!! Why, people, WHY?

    • opinions are like assholes everyone has one and most of them stink… people have different tastes and this was special for them.. you ppl are sorry and have nothing better to do with your fucking time.. FUCK YOU ALL!!!

      • Dang girl, angry much?!? And if you didn’t understand the concept, this website is making fun of these ridiculous, tacky, redneck weddings. That’s the whole point! And can you please explain how it is a waste of time for others to express their opinions, but not you? No wait, let me guess. . .You actually are one of these hideous brides?

      • you know what is wrong with these people is they having nothing better to do than judge others. a wedding can be whatever is special to that couple so leave them the hell alone. you want to know who the real trash is on this website is the ones attacking others for what they believe in and what they love. yes i am a redneck and im proud of it atleast i am true to my self and others and i dont sit around downing other because they are different.

      • whatever you say, this is tacky stuff hahahaha

      • what is wrong with ppl showing their own idividuality and actually for anyone who wants to know My theme is hunting season and yes there will be camo, bright orange and a lot of mud and 4×4’s. unlike a bunch of stick in the mud ppl. i want mine to be somthing everyone remembers and had fun at not fall asleep through. oh and by the way you dont have to be a redneck to like creativity.

    • where do you get off judging how someone elses wedding. its how they wanted it. dont they get to spend their money as they like. just like you? your a drippy-poop-looking asshole that just wants to judge because you think your better. have your wedding how you like, other people can too.

  3. Oh, no. Where to start. I am speechless. The cakes, the veil, the revealing camo dress on Daisy Duke (the best looking women in the photos), the cake toppers, the decor. I never thought I would say this…bring on the clown weddings.

    • seriously, leave these people alone. there is absolutely nothing wrong with a camo wedding. i’m getting a camo prom dress. this is obviously what they wanted, and its what they got. i’m sure most people spent a hell of a lot more money than the did. AND personally, i think it’s fuckin awesome!

      • im pretty sure you need to be more open minded…One thing i know there are more hick, redneck or whatever you may call us out in the world then you know of some may show it off more then there are others how are just normal hunt fish and enjoy life with out money with out fancy things that your kind has to have to live and breathe so you can be speachless but we are proud to wear camo at our weddings have a pink camo dress or hunter orange or just plan camo. so if you can sit there and say that its trashy or whatever your thinking why dnt you look thou all the comments on here and there are alot of women who LOVE love hunting enjoy fishing and the outdoors while you sit on or fancy couch and whine when you have a lil dirt on your fancy shoes. ok im off my bitch fest and btw i am very proud to be REDNECK OR A HICK OR COUNTRY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good night

      • money cannot buy class or style – camo for weddings or proms is the tackiest ever!!
        sure thats what they wanted and the result – yikes

      • i agree with nikki

  4. Some of these pictures are from the American Cable TV channel CMT show “My Big Redneck Wedding.” If you think these are bad you should see the episode where the couple got married at the demolition derby. Mud, big trucks and the bride wearing combat boots. Yeesh!


    In one of the new episopes the couple rides away in a camouflage limo.

    • What the hell is wrong w that!!!! I had a mud run at my wedding!!! And me and my husband raced each other to see who would win then jumped in it afterwards!!!! If your not a redneck then dont say anything about it!!! Go have your church wedding and ill have mine outside in the mud!!!

    • Hey I was proposed to at the demo derby, its the best sport in the world. if i could id get married at one too

      • your a wierdo

  5. Hey, to each their own.

    At least they all look like they’re having fun and not trying to outdo each other with lots of bling.

    Personally, I’m sick of all the con$picuous con$umption around weddings and I think a break from the $100,000 red carpet wedding is a nice change.

    • I agree, just because these ppl chose to have a unique wedding and not some wedding straight out of a book doesn’t mean it’s bad….ppl can afford what they can afford. And ppl like what they like…if it’s what they like, let them go for it!

    • Thank You…. bout time someone other than myself speaks out about all the bling and the shameless spending on the most rediculous “oh i must have because she had it and I just got to have the better one” aspect of a a wedding. Make your wedding your own not a version of desperate house wives.

  6. Camo weddings are big around here, because the whole hunting culture is such an integral part of peoples lives. Let them have a wedding that reflects who they are. My son wore a camo tux to prom, and his date had a matching dress. (and a limo? heck no, a 4×4 truck!)

    • where did they find the tux and dress at . . cause that is wat me and my date want to wear mto my senior prom this year . . . plaese let me know thank you

      • I am currently planning my wedding and its going to be camo. Look on http://www.camo.simplyformal.com they have all kinds of dresses for prom and weddings. GOOD LUCK..

      • you can rent the Mossy Oak vest at Jim’s Formal Wear. All of the florists around here carry that brand. But I was told today that you better hurry because April is a busy month because of proms. That’s
        when my “Hunting Theme” wedding is. My bridesmaids are wearing the accent color “blaze orange”. It’s still going to be an elegant wedding!

    • thats awesome

  7. this is awesome. in a completely ridiculous way. but like others have said they all look happy, so good for them!

  8. i’m all in when it comes to expressing yourself but this is just ugly. honestly when these people look at these picutres 10 or 20 years from now, they’ll just be ashamed of themselves from making this special day tacky

    • You’re very right about the special day. We ‘tacky’ people as you say, are having the exact wedding WE want. Its not for any of you who happen to look at it. Granted, some people make it seem tacky. But that can be done with ANY type of wedding. I believe its tacky to go so over the top and spend the same amount on a wedding that it takes to support a family for X amount of years. Thats ridiculous. The point is, if you take the good parts of some of the weddings shown above, a person can make a very beautiful and memorable wedding-in camo, that reflects who they are (that they’ll still be proud of 20 years later). Thank you very much. So, all of the people who turn their nose up at a camo wedding, if you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Mind your own frickin business!!

      • I agree with jessica.. “WE” tacky people as you call us… we are doing EXACTLY what we want and how we want it.. if we wanted to go out barefooted w/ some cut off overalls and get married we could. We like our weedings and what we pick is our decision… NOT YOURS! so honestly we post these pictures for you to see not for you 2 criticize and run your mouth we are not ashamed of the way we did our weddings and in 10-20 years i will not look back and regret ANY of it! thank you!

      • Yea, I agree with the LADIES here, you nose thumbers need to get a life, a real life, not a fake one like you pretend to have. I’ll tell you what’s “TACKY” Flashy dresses, flashy cars, $10,000 wedding dresses, thats “TACKY”. Pretty on the outside, but as empty as a hollow tree trunk on the inside. Only a real women who is secure in who she really is can dress in camo and be happy at her wedding. You fakers cant take it because well, your fake. So take the lady’s advice, if you don’t like it, DON’T LOOK AT IT! I think its really as simple as that. Go back to your pretend to be somebody that your not lifestyle and talk your daddy into giving you another new car after you wrecked the Mercedes you’ve had for a week. Oh and by the way, for those of you who read this and think that I’m probably some dumb redneck, think again, I have 2, yea thats right 2, Phd’s, more education than most of your little fake pea brains can comprehend. So I am an educated redneck and well, quite proud of it, yea I love my guns, dogs, bible, truck, 4 wheeler, boots, and snuff, Anyway, I think your wedding is classy and shows character which is missing in todays world, good luck…

    • And you know this how? Can you see the future? You are entitled to your opinion, but ugly…that was just rude!

    • i happen to be one that wants a camo wedding. u may think its tacky but trust me what u have would most likely be tacky to us. people have different tastes. how would u feel if someone told u that ur wedding was ugly and that they would be ashamed to do something that u liked. obviously u are not “all in when it comes to expressing yourself” otherwise u would not be so degrading to these people. they had their special day and looked like they really enjoyed themselfs. u should learn not to be suck a BITCH!!!!

    • seriously….all these hoity toity yanky girls are so appalled at the camo themes. i love the camo!!!! i’m putting it in my wedding and have even agreed to let my fiance wear his GIT-R-DONE hat during our wedding why????? because it is my life and i love it and if i tried to make my wedding look fantastic and spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on ONE day of my life is just not me. i would look at my wedding pics 10 or 20 years from now and be disgusted about it because i didnt have it the way i wanted it. so leave us camo wearin diesel truck drivin’ deer huntin’ country music listenin’ people alone and go about your business!!!

  9. I really like alot of the dresses
    I was looking for ideas on how to make my camo prom dress. Im going to my boyfriends prom this year and then i have mine the next year.
    I want a sleek looking camo strapless or flat shoulder dress with orange accecnts.

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  11. I love these ideas. My fiance and I are having a camo wedding and it is sooo hard to find any camo stuff for it. I have found lots of ideas from these pictures, now I just have to find someone that makes the kind of cake we want…..and again….I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!!

    • Hey, I dont know if you’ve gotten married yet or not but I am also have=ing a camo wedding and I have a few ideas, you could use mason jars with candles inside for tables or use a small to medium size log for a centerpiece with a hole cut into it to fit a candle inside with fall leaves on the table instead of rose petals (if your wedding is in the fall). And for your little ring bearer, instead of the usual pillow you could let him carry an unloaded gun, small, with the rings on the barrell. I think these are very good ideas and as for all the above bad mouthing, most of you are probably jealous that you spent thousands more and still didn’t get what you wanted and the “tacky” people spent way less and got exactly everything they wanted!

      • I love the idea of the ring bearer with the gun idea except my 2 yr old I dont think that would be such a great idea… I am getting married next Oct and Iam haveing a camo themed wedding. I am SO EXCITED… I have seen a few cool center pieces you take empty shotgun shells and stand em up hot glue them to a saucer then you put a clay pigon in the middle of that with a candle.. IT LOOKS REALLY NICE…CHEAP… but creative. AND I LOVED THESE PICTURES..I FEEL BAD FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO TAKE OUT A LOAN TO PAY FOR THERE WEDDING. I KNOW I WILL SLEEP JUST FINE AFTER MY WEDDING SINCE EVERYTHING I HAVE BEEN GETTING IS ON CLEARANCE FROM CRAFT STORES.

  12. This hits too close to home for comfort. Kind of glad I moved hundreds of miles away from my hometown.

  13. I wonder if the bride and groom with the cake featuring two deer heads as toppers realized that both deer were male? (Female deer don’t have any antlers — not even little prongs.)

    • Hate to break the bad news to ya, but gay people hunt too!!!!! That, and some Does DO have antlers, i shot one. i thought it was male until we processed it. Its very RARE, but guess what, THEY DO!!!!

    • maybe not usually, but it can happen. A full grown deer can even have spots. (I know someone personally who shot a doe with antlers and was harassed by the game warden who told him that he should have been looking to make sure, antlers alone aren’t proof, but its not usually common)

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  15. Sadly enough, that’s pretty common around here. I used to work at a local banquet hall and my former manager regaled us with stories of the worst wedding theme that took place there: Realtree, Home Depot orange and Nascar posters. I shit you not.

  16. I love these weddings! We almost did a real tree/mossy oak theme because FH is big into hunting. I’ve seen it done really nicely but obviously, most of these are taken from the “my big redneck wedding” show on CMT, which I’m fairly certain is hammed up to make it as tacky as possible. And as for the male/female deer head cake- that was originally going to be our groomscake!

  17. Im from a small town and I think that the camo would add a different touch to things. I like it

  18. My fiancee and I are planning our wedding. I grew up around huntin and fishin and he is a roughneck. So we are planning an all out camo weddin complete with our trucks and mud! There isnt nothing wrong with this type a weddin if you are havin fun!

  19. Wow, some of those bride maids were hot, in those camo clothes. I wish they would have had camo tuxes when I was in school and when I got married. Oh well. Im divorced now, and had I been in camo then, I proably wouldnt have been standing at the altar, Id been deer hunting.

  20. Hey Eli i hate to tell ya bout some female deer have been known to have antlers. So dont say somethin until you know all the facts. I mean i would have choosen 1 deer with antlers and 1 without but it was a good idea. (And oh yea by the way those little prongs are called spikes!!!)

    • LMFAO!!! Well put Derek!!

  21. I would like to know where Krista07 got her dress in the picture above if someone knows where she got it or how to get it please send me a email and let me know thank you

  22. Is it just me, or is that the granddad from King of the Hill in the 3rd pic down

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    • well maybe u dont like it but guess what they dont care what the hell u think should be worn at a wedding. personally i think the fluffy flashy dresses are ugly and tacky. so u know what some of the so called normal wedding pics that i have seen are tacky and ugly and dresses that i wouldnt be caught dead in. so since its not something u like keep ur trap shut and look at pics of flashy crappy weddings and stay off the sites with our kind of weddings!!!

    • people are not wrong for getting married in the clothes they wish to get married in. And to go to prom in a camo dress, thats pretty kick ass in my town. I see nothing wrong with it, you city folk need to give it a rest. Do we look like we care for style? Id go to a wedding in torn up jeens and a t-shirt, i wouldnt give a flying turd… Im thinkin of what it might be like to have a camo dress and have the bridesmaids wear all while then we go muddin see who looks best. I can make myself all decked out and I can wear the most shredded cloths youve seen and Id still look just as good as any girl you ever saw… Iv got style, Iv got class, and I kick ass. Im a Future firefighter and Ill do what i please at my future wedding and not have one regret about it. Get off the computer go hunting, fo fishing go take a walk around your city… y’all have a nice day. f*ck your do’s and donts cuz we already did it

  25. where you get the cake topper the deer heads

  26. OMG, OMG. Why? Why? Why would anyone do anything so gross?

    • because that is what they wanted. not some frilly tacky wedding that u would think is nice. guess hat people have different tastes. get over it ang go look at the crappy weddings that make u happy.

  27. Wow, the proportion of good to bad is very skewed here. In general I think the advice should be, don’t do it!

  28. Like to watch Stargate Atlantis episodes and also Lost. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  29. Yes, I’ve watched My Big Redneck Wedding, and alot of these pics are from that show, but I give kudos to those who include what they love in their ceremony. So many stress about everything being so perfect on their wedding day, that there is no fun in it. I look forward to the day when I get married. My significant other introduced me to hunting and I absolutely love it. I plan on having a more relaxed “feel” to my wedding, including possibly a little of camo in my attire in some way or another. We also plan on having a laid back reception where everyone can have fun and not worry about “OMG I don’t want my make up/hair to mess up”, just have a blast and make it a day to remember.

  30. Personally, I’m disappointed–why does the bride not have a small handgun tucked under her camo garter?

  31. i think this is awsome it has given me ideas about my future husband and wedding, its not trashy its ju8st the way of the south!!! Get-R-Done

    • hell yeah girl!!!!!!

  32. wear do you find the cake topper of the to deer heads

  33. oh wow.. well, not my cup of tea, but this is something that would be VERY popular where I’m from (AR..shameful). Some are actually not that bad.. especially maybe just a touch of camo here or there if you’re really into hunting.. and a couple of those cakes aren’t that bad, especially if they are grooms cakes (which i think the chocolate ducks def could be). In my hometown, i think the MAJORITY of grooms cakes are hunting themed! LOL.. (the rest are football or the generic chocolate covered strawberry crap). Yeah, most of these pictures are SUPER tacky.. but a couple are ok. And some of the brides do at least have very unique/cool bouquets!! lol. I much more enjoy the tacky ass ones though.. lol!!

  34. Some of them cakes actually look tasty xD

  35. where do you find the deer heads cake topper

    • you can find it at Bass Pro Shop…it’s hitch over and a beer can cover.

  36. The camo garters were actually pretty cool, though having two on one leg is a bit much.

    But that cake? THAT CAKE. It looks delicious with all the chocolate drizzling down.

  37. I actually like the fist brides wedding dress… But thats a hick wedding if I’ve ever seen one…Does that make me a hick…

  38. This site is a disgrace. To try and make fun at how anyone wants to have their special day is TRASHY. Ever think of that?

    Not to mention the show My Big Redneck Wedding. Which also mocks peoples’ special day, no matter how country or hillbilly or redneck the wedding is, its a reflection of the couple and their union WHICH IS WHAT A WEDDING IS SUPPOSED TO BE. And as for the couples that participate in My Big Redneck Wedding, they are selling out and that is what makes their wedding a trashy disgrace.

    I am very proud to be planning my very beautiful wedding with many camo touches. And this will be the best wedding for me and my fiance.

    You people putting this down should be ashamed of yourselves. Get a life. Really.

    • “The show My Big Redneck Wedding mocks peoples’ special day.”
      Ummmm…..yeah, I guess it mocks what those couple agreed to have recorded for posterity as the most important day in their lives.
      Oh….but then you call out the people who AGREE to be filmed for said show…..therefore, you AGREE that those weddings are preposterous, white-trash spectacles.

      Why don’t you sign up for “Redneck Wedding” and show then what a CLASSY camoflauge wedding looks like. *cough cough* Sorry….yeah, that was CLASSY camoflauge wedding. *cough* Just couldn’t quite get it out.

    • what is a wedding suppose to be? I want a wedding where everyone can have fun and enjoy the celebration. Redneck wedding are to be fun and if the bride and groom want things to be fun, well its their day!

  39. The clothing and weddings shown here capture the true spirit of what a wedding should be. These couples are having fun expressing themselves and not subjecting their family and friends to one of those completely overdone, expensive, bridezilla type weddings that leave everyone in debt and exhausted from the demands for expensive things that they cant afford. Couple with those big weddings usually have debt that usually last longer than their weddings.

    The camo wedding couples are having fun and aren’t worried about impressing anyone. I can assure you that the guests at the camo weddings definitely had a more fun time than the guests at one of those over the top bridezilla type weddings.

    I guess you have to consider the source when you read the mean comments about these weddings. They are made by people who live their lives trying to impress others and always worried about what people think. So to the camo couples : Congratulations and many more happy years to you. I think you are off to a great start and had weddings that people will always remember as a fun wedding.

  40. Okay I love camoflauge, I am a true country girl/redneck/hick or what ever those big city people call me..Well I live in a small town in Arkansas! In the woods and I absoultly love it!Im an outdoors kinda girl! I don’t care what others think cause my little town is more Crunk than their big Cities! (= I really want a Camoflauge dress for my prom next year! && One day when I get married it’s gonna be Camo. all the way. I just love all of these pictures, alllllll of them. (=

    • i am from arkansas too and will add some camo to my wedding also. i think that it will make it so much more about the way i am than if i had some fluffy all white dress to me that is ugly. i found some great dresses at camo formal some tha ti would love to have for my wedding. check it out when u are getting ready for ur special day.

      • AMEN TO THAT

  41. I think people can and should be able to make the choices they want for their weddings without others criticizing them so much…. the only person you need to impress is yourself on your day. People who have time to make fun of others have way too much time on their hands!!!!! Who cares what others think…… it’s not their wedding so why do they care so much???? Maybe they are just jealous because they didn’t think of it themselves!!! I think the camo weddings are unique and awesome!!! Anything different is good to me! I loved the pictures!!!!!! I think they were all beautiful!

  42. I love it every last bit of it!!! Plan to have a very camo wedding myself… It don’t make you a redneck just because you like to hunt, its not the same oh white dress so people think it trashy… Well they are wrong. I think camo is pretty for a outdoors type of girl like myself.

  43. Who ever said weddings had to be all glitz and glam… I am getting married next year and we are are having a camo wedding. The men are wearing camo vests, I don’t know what the woman will be wearing yet.. not sure what colors will match that we both like. Any suggestions wis GREATLY appreciated!! Anyway .. anyone can have a tacky wedding.. doesnt have to be just camo I say to each his own. Not everyone has $50,000 to spend on their wedding so they do what they can to make it their day and I say good for you. SO all you with your noses stuck in the air, go find somthing else to bitch about and leave us alone obviously they are happy!

    • I am doing a white dress with a camo strip on the top and on the bottom. My bridesmaid dress’s are a dark grey but black look cool with the camo on the top and bottom as well. you can find the camo at snydercreek.com I LOVE IT…. Good luck my wedding is in Oct of 2010. Maybe we can share some ideas….Take care

    • my fiance and i are planning an outdoor earthy feel to our wedding and he is wearing a mossy oak camo vest(he’s and avid deer hunter) and we are thinking a chocolate brown tux along with the groomsmen. my dress is champagne and ivory and my bridesmaids are wearing chocolate brown and champagne dresses. the colours are coming along very well. and still is very classy.

      • Our colors are brown and fern green. The closest camo colors I could find. My fiance is a HUGE hunter, but we still want it to be classy and not tacky. We dont want total camo dresses and everything. Maybe brown dresses and tuxes, with camo ties for the men. Flower girls in fern green dresses. White flowers with touches of leaves for the green. The awesome camo cake with the two deer shown on this site. And instead of throwing flowers, we’re throwing autumn leaves. Seems more appropriate. Of course theres many more ideas, but these are just the basics that I can think of right now.

  44. Any one with any camo theme ideas please I would love to hear…. Love the mason jar idea! I am just now starting and I am doing most of it myself so any thoughts are welcome thanks!

  45. LOL I love it!!!1 The cake with the dear on top is awesome and probably what I will have at my wedding that is going to be out in the mountains right next to the river. Everything is going to be camo and in 20 years from now we sill still love to look back at our picture, so for those of you who think it’s a horrible way to have a wedding why don’t you come on out to the mountains and go camping, fishing, and hunting and see why we love it soooo much. May not be your thing but there is people like us who think it is the greatest thing ever and your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life so to each their own……and if you don’t like it…….LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. […] then: how come I never get to go to this America?! Where are you hiding, elusive shamelessly illiterate and trashy hillbilly land?! And I […]

    • That is a really ignorant comment.

  47. White Trash, no more no less. Hunting is big where I live in Texas but that does not negate this is white trash. Only thing worse than camo is tails

  48. where do i find out how to get the camo. Tuxes with orange vests they are so cool. And the camo cake with the deer head topper on it.

  49. I love all the camo! my bedroom is decorated moderately with it and so will my wedding. I don’t understand all the negative comments! yes, there may be people who might over do it a bit but to each their own right? there may be cause to laugh but don’t continue to harp on all the bad look they really tried to make it the best, with most there is much creativity!!!

  50. who are u all to say anything about their wedding. i was actually looking up a camo dress and found this site. your all fucking pathetic. people have real hobbies and like to do real things. Hunting fishing relaxing. just because us “rednecks” go hunting (im a girl by the way) dosent mean people like you who sit on their ass all day and look up websites to hate on other peoples creative weddings dosent matter because we dont give a fuck.


  51. i am 15 yrs old and a very redneck person and in a couple of years me and me boyfriend plan to get married. Our weddin is ganna be just like this- all camo! i cant waitt!

  52. Really its their choice what they want to use for their wedding. Everyone has their own different styles that they like. When you get married you can choose your own theme 🙂

  53. Some of these aren’t so pretty to look at, but I love every single one! I plan to have camo all over my wedding! There are no rules when it comes to your wedding. It’s one of the most important days of your life and you should be able to have it anyway you want!

    btw, those of you looking for cute idea checkout lacesandpromises.com and there’s a link to ‘a touch of camo’ they have alot of really pretty things!

  54. I don’t know whether all of this belongs in Field & Stream, or Soldier of Fortune magazine.

  55. Wow nice weddings some are a little goofy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Pick a new theme though everybodys goin camo!!!!!!!!!

    • It wouldn’t be half bad if everyone put their own kick into it instead of following the same thing as everyone else. The camo and orange.(change the orange) The cake.(pick a different animal instead of a deer and get different leaves)

  57. OMG….camo weddings….whatever….but SERIOUSLY, was that dude in picture number three BAREFOOT?!?!?!?!?! I mean, BAREFOOT?!?!?!?!?!?!???


    • They don’t realize they look like jackasses. Everyone on here who thinks this lowbrow, classless drivel is beautiful is a redneck giving the rest of this country a bad image. There are ways to save money without looking like a whore in your wedding dress.

  58. I am getting ready to get married in june and we are going to have camo in our wedding. People who call a camo wedding trashy has never experienced what the outdoors has to offer…

  59. leave them alone 😦
    they enjoyed their wedding!
    its not your wedding let them do what they want!
    I plan on having hints of camo in my wedding and im proud of it!

  60. Ok so after seeing this I think I will call my wedding a touch of Mossy Oak. In this case there is such a thing has to much of a good thing. But I have to say if thats the wedding the bride wanted and dreamed of I have to say Congratulations to her for making it happen. I havn’t fount out through my wedding planning that some time you don’t always get what you have been dreaming of since you was a little girl.

  61. i love it!!!!!!!!

  62. i think this is awesome~
    cause i want a camo wedding too! and for all high class goody goodies screw off! the wedding means the same to them as what yours meant to you!

  63. I’m a country girl and love camo. When me and my boyfriend get married were having a camo wedding but a little different than these ones. Im excited!!

  64. Great ideas!!! I love some and yes, some are fairly tacky, each to their own, this is their day and should be done in their style, that’s what makes them right for each other.
    -Will love my original and meaningful Mossy Oak wedding!

  65. I love the camo idea. That is everything what we are going to do at our wedding too.

  66. i’m getting married and i’m having my dream redneck wedding. A camo dress, a John Deer wedding cake, and then my husband and I are going hog hunting for the honeymoon. i’ve had alot of critizism from people even my family, but it’s what i want and its who i am. and i know i’m going to love it.

  67. Guess what? I’m going camo, but eligant. Flowers are a burnt orange and chocolate lilies, green hydrangeas and ivory roses. if you think thats redneck then you should see the MOSSY OAK BREAK AWAY CAMO ties, cumberbuns, and “snot rags” the guys are wearing with their tux. HAAHAAHAA, at least my marriage will last, and well needless to say hope you are “GREEN WITH ENVY” I am a very happy women with a degree in medicine, as well as a degree in computer science, and a mother of four. Good luck and best wishes if you dont like it!!!!!

    • I too am getting married the weekend after deer season opens. I am having a cafmo wedding but elegant. . . . My dress is white traditional but the groomsment are wearing camo shirts. . . Lots of candles! It will be a blast! To each his own!!

    • You would think that someone with two degrees would be able to spell better. How did you ever find the time to get two degrees with four children? I think you’re lying.

  68. OH. MY. GOSH. These bring a whole new meaning to the terms “white trash” and “redneck.” I mean, a camo cake topper? fine. a bit of camo on your shoes? I guess. But an all-out camo dress? blegh. These people need to pull their head out of their tractors and turn off Red Green for two seconds and find some class.

    • I’m not redneck or white trash, as a matter of fact I probably have more money in my closet then you’ve ever had in your life.. As for class, I have more class in my pinky then you have in your whole body. We are having a Camo wedding because that’s who we are and what we do.. At least my children will be able to hunt for their food and survive if need be.. How about your’s??

    • so just because they got camo weddin their “white trash” and they have no “class”
      honey you need a reality check. that sickens me.
      call me redneck all you want call me white trash all you want but to say i aint got class no i dont think so.
      sounds like you need some class your self.
      man i feel sorry for you

  69. The idea behind touch of camo is for it to be pretty and camo at the same time. (YES, ITS POSSIBLE!) Its not necessarily my thing personally, but i’ve seen it done very pretty and i’ve seen it done very tacky. (i’ve seen many non camo weddings done very tacky, especially by CMT where people are trying to outdo someone else’s tackiness).

    Its not for you at all? Fine, because i’m sure there are highly coveted designers and wedding planners that think you’re tacky and last season (Really, pink, again? Another beach wedding? lowing bubbles? releasing doves? More dresses that look like last years…Im sure you get my point).

    So STFU and look the other way. Let people do whatever it is they want and be happy when they get married no matter if they want to carry skunk or possum flowers. No one cares

    • *blowing

  70. Tabitha…. are you one of these brides and that is why you are so sensitive? because if you are… THEY ARE ALL TACKY, UGLY and just plain RETARDED LOOKING ♥

    • wow really? I bet you aren’t anything to look at either there hun. like I said GET OVER YOURSELF.
      -much love.. Dev.

  71. I want to make a couple points re: the posts here….

    #1. If you don’t like camo as a wedding theme or accent color on a wedding gown, that is fine, but I fail to see why you must call other people names!! And I fail to see what any of you ladies (you ARE ladies aren’t you????) need to use 4 letter words back and forth either. Yes, everyone does have an opinion and is entitled to it….but it’s not necessary to take part in name calling if someone doesn’t think your way.

    2. If you don’t like camo, why did you even click the link and come here to read about it??? Just to make fun of those who do??? Let me tell you, I sell these dresses….and for two years runnning, this has been the biggest business seller of EVERYTHING I do. I haven’t met nicer gals or dealt with better customers than those who love camo.

    And these gals are not going to be burdened with huge credit cards debts to start their marriage with either, cause they are pretty much being sensible and having very wonnderful weddings/receptions, but doing it THEIR way and to their budgets. Getting married doesn’t HAVE to be putting on all the glitz and trying to outdo your girlfriends. It’s a personal decision and should reflect who you are and what your life interests are.

    I appreciate EVERY SINGLE customer I’ve had who’s wanted a camo themed wedding and I’ll bet I provide a lot better service to them than the local bridal shop who just wants your money!

    So, to each your own, but let’s grow up and stop all the cussing and name calling! And you gals who want camo, come visit my website. I am in partnership with camo.simplyformal.com….same dresses….but I am more experienced at working on the internet with customers. They are a factory that is part of 3 bridal shops. And our dresses are MADE IN THE USA…and every bit the quality that you get with the bridal shops that are all MADE IN CHINA…unless you pay over $3000 for them…which is REALLY DUMB.


    • you tell them they all look very nice and very happy. some people go there own way and not follow the pack.

  72. heck yeah i love al these wedding pictures they are so beautiful.My wedding is going to be someone like some of these i might need so ideas thank you

  73. I’m actually planning a camo wedding and i LOVE it! You “RICH BITHCES” that dont like our taste should shut your mouths you dont see us leavin comments on these $1,000,000 weddings sayin well thats trashy, or tacky or anything else. If you don’t like it don’t look!!! And these weddings ARE very special for them!

  74. Well my man of 15 years came home yesterday with a folder waving it in my face and grinning.. I said what’s this.. I read it, it said marriage license!! Then he proceeds to tell me that i have 14 days to get married because Spring Turkey Season starts on April 19th!!! We will be having a beautiful elegant Camo Wedding and a beautiful white cake with camo trim and a fish fry after… Cause that’s how we roll in the Ozarks!!

  75. some of you pleople are very rude!! how can you sit here and call someone white trash and redneck when you have no clue who these people are! everyone has there own taste in how their dream wedding plans out! i myself love the idea of a camo wedding and so many of you may call me a redneck or white trash but thats fine call me any name you like i live in the counrty and love it! honestly if it werent for us farming country folk yall wouldnt have any dairy prouducts and more than likely have no beef products do you fail to realize that farmers just about make this world go round. therefore dont sit here and call names and be rude to people you have never met! them people just may be farmers and do alot more than you think just for city folk to have dairy and beef!!

  76. My son and his prom date are also going in camo, her dress is very elegant, his tux, the jacket is all mossy oak break up, with a white lapel the silky/satiny look, very sharp, and the vest and tie the same, the silky/satiny look, they look great together. Please dont judge other people.. you wouldnt want people judging you for what you wear. If that’s what they like, then so be it. My son is a hunter, always has been since he was just a little thing, and prom only comes once in there lives, and if thats what he wants for his prom, thats what he getting..

  77. good for them

  78. hello everyone i would like to know where yall got your dresses from i am looking for a dress that is similar to the 19th picture from the bottom labeled wedding3 if you scroll over it if you could give me a site or a person to contact please let me know and please include your name if you like so i can let the company or person know that you sent me thank you for your time.


    • Go to http://www.atouchofcamo.com and click on store, then in the PRODUCT SEARCH box, look under weddings or bridesmaids…for the gown that is #3034 or also called AMBER. It is this style.

      You can contact me for help. jgschnepp@cableone.net

    • the dress looks like one off the web site camo.simplyformal.com I found this web site after i had aready made my dress. They have grooms and groommens clothing, bride and bridesmaid clothing, flower girl, ringbearer, and more.

      • Yes, it would be the same gown. camo.simplyformal.com is the website for the factory that sews dresses and gowns for me! The camo gowns and all for camo weddings and proms and formals WAS my idea, but I do way too much business to do all the sewing myself, so I found this factory to sew items for my business, and we agreed that they also, could promote the camo line as well…. We are basically in a partnership and therefore the only ones in the US who sell this variety and styles of camo accented wedding gowns and other camo formal wear.

    • We make that style too….it’s called AMBER on our site. The other site is the factory that does our sewing…so we all have the same things.

  79. We have a lot of new styles showing on our home page, if you want to see some ELEGANT, CLASSY gowns and dresses and accessories done in Mossy Oak Camo.



  80. I love the wedding theme!! I hate how ppl judge other ppl.this is goin to be my weddin .My fiancee and me are goin to be married on horses in camo . so back the fuck off ppl

  81. I love this!! I was really impressed with the camo on the cakes. Ive been considering doing a camo style wedding. My soon to be hubby is a avid hunter.

  82. This is a really good site. My fiance just proposed a week ago, and i was looking for a site that has camo dresses for the wedding, and for our four year old. When we get married this will definitely be the site i order my dress and my daughters from. Not sure if it will have what you want. But theres dresses for proms weddings for guys and girls. Check it out. You might even find something else you like. and the prices are great. Wont be spending a fortune.

  83. OK, if you want to dress in camo… your chioce, but you are not going to escape people thinking you are a redneck, hillbillie freak. Face it, it’s tacky as hell. If a black girl dressed in a hoe dress people would not hesitate to make comments about that… this is trashy and just plain wierd. I would be embarrased to go to a camo wedding or prom. It is supposed to be a special occasion to dress up… NOT DOWN! YUCK. Self expression is one thing but what does hunting have to do with a WEDDING or PROM???? If you do stupid things for attention, you have to be prepared to deal with the comments and criticism!

    • And WHY is it any more stupid than any other THEME wedding?? Beach Wedding, Vegas Wedding, GOLF wedding??? If a couples lifestyle is hunting or shooting or even just outdoors camping and so forth….why should they not make that their wedding theme, and use the camo and other colors that go with the camo? The wedding is abouat the two getting married and who they are and what they are about….probably most of their family and their friends are into the same lifestyle and that’s who you invite to a wedding….your nearest and dearest. All will enjoy attending an affair that is more like them and what they do too! As long as the affair is well planned and is classy, elegant and done right, it will be NO different from the affair at the local hotel…other than expressing who the couple is.

      • People can dress in whatever the hell they want for your wedding. Dress in all camo, in a halloween costume, as a pirate. Do whatever you want. It’s a free country and people are free to express themselves in any way.

        In the same vein, since we all have freedom of expression, people can express that they think that dressing in military gear to a wedding is ugly as hell. People can point out that its extremely odd that you would want to dress up in gear that one would use to shoot people or animals in for an occasion meant to celebrate love. if you put your pictures on Facebook or some other social media site open to the public, or allow people who are not really your true friends to take pictures of you at your wedding, you will risk people copying the pictures and posting them to sites like this. Basically, you are open to ridicule. I’m sure you’ve made fun of other people’s taste sometime in your life as well.

  84. I’m getting married in June. My Husband to be and I love to hunt. I wanted to make that part of our wedding. The bridal party is all wearing hunting camo shirts and jeans. I’m wearing a white camo wedding dress. I couldn’t find a wedding dress made out of camo, so I got a wedding dress pattern and found a web site that sold camo fabric and made my own dress. I going to make the flower girls dress to if I have fabric left over. orientaltrading.com has a Deer Edible Image Cake Decoration which I’m putting on the Grooms cake and my cake is going to be more traditioal. But I found some good ideas on here. We’re having a outside wedding and its hard to find alot of ideas for an outside wedding that is nice but simply.

  85. I simply cannot believe that people will bring themselves down to this level…….and I am NOT talking about the people in the camouflage. Seriously you saying that these people are dumb for wearing camo outfits on their sprecial days is like a vegan telling a non vegan they are dumb for eating meat. Each to his own but don’t harp on someone just because they do something that you don’t like.

    I guess weddings are supposed to look so perfect that they borderline on fake or fantasy? I am getting married in the fall and am going to wear a duck hunting camo pattern vest under my tux. Why? Because that is what I like. Does my fiance care? Nope. Why? Because she loves ME and wants me to enjoy OUR day together. Notice I said she loves ME, not the day or the notion that the wedding day has to be followed by some outline in a book or someone’s blog. The wedding day is about two people making a life commitment and if they want to go mud bogging or ride ATVS then so be it.

    This country is going to crap with everyone jumping on a bandwagon on what is correct and what is not in far too many facets of life. Diet, TV veiwing habits, alcohol, tobacco, how to raise kids, how to treat a dog, how to live with garden pests, how much to tip a waiter, which way to vote, save the whales, oil drilling, coal mining, and now weddings.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what makes America the country it is. But everyone is also entitled to their self dignity and to belittle these people because of their choice of wedding day atire is morally wrong. Do you get a kick out of coming to tackyweddings.com just to make fun of people? I hope you sleep well at night.

    Kudos to all of you who did what you wanted for your wedding and not cutting and pasting your day out of a “proper” wedding manual. I hope it was all that you wished for and more.

  86. […] We have Camouflage Dresses. […]

  87. I think that ya’ll should uh NOT judge people for their choices. Grant it some went a little bit over the edge and looked horrible. I personally am going to wear a camo dress to prom and possibly a white wedding dress accented with camo. Just because you grow up in some big fancy city were that isn’t acceptable doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong. So get over your self. Go People who support it because I sure as hell do!

  88. I think it’s okay to some extent. I want to incorporate some camo in my wedding. Nothing HUGE though! I ❤ camo! :]

  89. what… the.. hell… lol… wow!… what to say. thats backwoods to the core. they wear their colors proudly!! …lol you gotta give em that… lol if thats what made them happy, all power to em…

  90. I definitely love all of these ideas. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 6 years and he finally proposed in November of 09. I’m wanting to do the whole camo themed wedding but I still want it to be pretty. If you have anymore ideas then just email me @ BrownXeyesX2008@aim.com any ideas will help. Thanks!

  91. I love this! me an my fiance would love do do somethin like this for are wedding but im not going to i figured i wouldnt give his gmal an my gmal a heart attack! lol.. but this is awsome ive grown up a country girl an this stuff like this just makes my days! but i do belive that im gunna get a short cute camo dress for the after party!:) but love this u guys! AN FOR PPL WOULD DONT LIKE IT YALL CAN KISS ARE COUNTRY A**’S 🙂

  92. I have to say that I am getting married and we are having a camo wedding as well. There is nothing wrong with people taking their hobbies and making it a part of their commitment to each other. This is America where we have freedom to make our own choices. For any of you girls and guys who are planning camo weddings I say way to go. I love the theme and wouldn’t have it any other way. Our wedding is about us! Not how I can outdo others. I have a wedding blog up at weddingbycolor my user name is waitingfortheday if anyone is searching for ideas. You can also email me if you have ideas or if you have pics of your own camo wedding. TracyDurmon@hotmail.com. I say go for it and make it your day!

  93. look… my sister happens to be having a camo wedding next year and I have no problem wearing a camo dress… these people got married in their own way and paid for everything yal’ did… if two people love each other who honestly gives a fck what they fckn wear???!!! I went to a $50,000 wedding a month ago that was super tacky… and also… many of these people most likely paid for their own damn wedding… how many people can say that unless their older and have enough money or they have a rich daddy??? huh??? exactly… not alot… so why don’t you stick your own fckn bigass weddings and let people have what they want… cuz honestly… little girls think about how they’re gonna get married growing up… and if a camo wedding is someone’s dream wedding then don’t be judging them… it’s THEIR special day… and THEY’RE happy with how THEIR money was spent… and honestly… they ain’t gonna give a flying fck what other people think because they’re gonna be having the time of THEIR lives at THEIR wedding… on THEIR special day… and btw… the sad thing is that most of you people are fckn grown women saying this… that’s sad…

    • You said it exactly right! As someone with over 20 years in the wedding business…and old enough to have ‘learned the hard way’….it’s also a very stable thing for marriages to learn how to manage finances without excessive debts. Money problems are the biggest cause of divorce. Who wants to start their marriage with $30,000 in credit card bills for a wedding and reception where there’s nothing to show but the pictures? Most of my customers pay cash or use debit cards, and while their affairs do not cost as much, they are full of memories about what their lives are all about! And from all the pictures I get from my brides and prom gals, nothing they do would be shown on ‘My Big Redneck Wedding’….other than perhaps having fun activites at their receptions like shooting trap or such! Most of their friends and relatives are in the same lifestyle, so no one comes to their wedding and goes away saying it’s ‘tacky’ either!

      Maybe we need a positive blog site about camo weddings and other formal affairs….???? What say YOU?

  94. Wow…..Guys really, Im a city girl dating a little country boy and we have been together for over a year, he LOVES camo and wants nothing more than a “camo” wedding. As someone who loves him very much and wants to make him happy also I will compromise and have a “camo” wedding. Now just because it is camo does not mean its a “hilllllllbbiiiilllliiiieeeee, white trailor trash, ho-down, backwoods showdown” If it is done right and it can be the most beautiful thing you will ever see. I have been looking at all the things to make my wedding look good and you would be suprised how nice a “camo” wedding can come out. (this coming from a city girl who wants her diamonds and all white sparkly dress with a big pink and white cake and all that great barbie stuff” but I fell in love with my little “redneck” so we are going to make the wedding look amazing with both of our opinions. And its not going to look tacky. It will look amazing. Im excited. (I found little camo short dresses with pink on them….ahhhhh CUTE)

    • I hope you’ve found our website for some of your ‘classy’ and elegant camo attire and other accessories!! And we can do anything in pink too!! Powder pink or hot pink are BIG accent colors for my brides and prom gals. Hot pinks show up as requests more at prom/homecoming time though! You know, this whole discussion is a lot like democrats and republicans talking to each other, I think! One side just simply cannot understand the other….and those who don’t understand us who love the outdoors and archery, hunting or shooting….just see it all as tacky…and only want to show what those are doing who haven’t yet figured out how to plan their affairs with some classy elegance and still show the world what they love! But there’s more gals out in the world doing it up classy….I know…..as we sell to about 600 customers a year!! Many send me pictures of their affairs….and they are about like any other traditional wedding…except for the decorations expressing their camo interest! So you go for it….pink and camo….why we can even help you find the frilly, beaded, lace traditional gown with just a little camo on it too!

  95. I love these pictures they are great! I am married and for my 10 yr anniversary, I would so do that. Who cares what other people think 🙂

  96. In my opinion I just don’t find these styles to appealing. But, some do have a point when they say that it did mean something to them. My only thing is, I hope these people don’t look back, and say “My God. What were we thinking?”

  97. Omg this is like the best thing ever!! My wedding is going to be on a farm, with this dress http://camoformal.com/index.php/heather-a-line-scalloped-front.html, groomsmen with camo hats and ties, orange vests, and we’re riding off on a John Deere Tractor baby!!

  98. glad to know that im not the only one that wanted a camo wedding

  99. I think that it is wonderful that these people are not scared to show who they really are like my fience said why in the hell should I be uncomforable at my own damn wedding I’m a hick and damn proud of it you rich fuckers think its so tacky can kiss my white ass we dont judge you dont judge us what you dont relize is your the ones liveing a sad life you cant see going out and haven real down to earth fun getting dirty is one of the parts of my life i love the most so cowboy up or keep you pussy ass in the truck or in your case your fancy homes

  100. omg wat can i say its about the only thing i ca come up with coz dat is just a bag of a wank wedding style i mean come on r u guys feeling o.k.

  101. I would have to agree with a lot of other people here. I am a NYC girl born and raised who fell in love with a true redneck. I have agreed to give him some of his ideas for the wedding inc. camo I have also agreed that we would both choose a wedding cake and he can have any type of groom cake he chose while I had my cake so in the end it will not be a tacky redneck hillbilly wedding. I was the true girl who wanted the princess fairytale wedding my whole life and if you truly love someone you make sacrifices.

    • Kel,

      You CAN have a princess fairytale wedding and still have camo as your theme! Just look over all the gowns, veils, tiaras and camo accessories on our site! You can do it up with all the camo you want…or just “a touch of camo”…hence our name! In fact, we are now designing a line of gowns, with all the beading and sparkle and lace as traditional wedding gowns, but with just a little camo on them as the ‘accent color’!

      I hope we can help you….so you don’t feel you had to make a BIG sacrifice for your honey!

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  103. I cannot stand camoflauge weddings. They are the epitome (in my opinion) of an extremely tacky wedding. Although you can implement, this type of theme, and make it look extrvagant, (even on a budget) these weddings are horrid. Especially that picture of a little girl, (I guess as the swamp, oasis, flower girl) dressed in a camoflauge, in what looked like a miniture shower curtain. It might be harsh, but in all honesty, it is the truth. But if it makes them all happy, so be it.

  104. It appears you didn’t look beyond the pictures on this site. Try doing a google search or check out our site to see how tastefully a camo pattern can be made part of a wedding or prom. And, if you still don’t like it, well….I have a solution…don’t do it yourself…have a different theme. But WHY come here to slam a theme that others like? What is it with people this day and age, who insist they have a right to put down anyone they don’t agree with? What happened to ‘live and let live’?? Most of us ADULTS….if we don’t agree with someone, or don’t like something someone else does….well, we just stay away or choose not to do what we don’t like….but, it’s a free country, so we ‘permit’ them to do what they like silently. It’s called being polite! This whole site is rather impolite in my opinion anyhow…because what’s the point of asking people to critize someone else’s wedding? No one is asking YOU to do what YOU don’t like…just leave the rest of us alone and let us do what WE like. Me…I like camo, hunting, shooting, fishing, camping and all that goes with it. I don’t agree that every picture showing here is what I would choose for my own wedding should I ever have another one….but neither will I make negative comments about someone else’s plans and their big day. It is THEIR choice…and perhaps it was one of the most blessed days in their lives…done THEIR way, with their budget and ideas in it. Leave them alone and let them do their own thing…and you who don’t like it, go off to another site and do your own thing. Bet you won’t find US criticizing you, cause we’re too busy living life.

  105. Wow! Who are yall to judge? These people are paying to have their weddings the way they want them. This is what they want so be it. I bet half of yall being negative aint even married. So go drink your high dollar wine and eat your scones so your mouth will be shut for a change

  106. Seriously? A site to make fun of camo weddings? I am actually planning camo wedding right now, and as a matter of fact, it’s not TACKY, it’s the couple’s choice. Just because of the color we choose our wedding is considered tacky? No. As a matter of fact, I’ve already had a camo prom dress, and was the center of attention at a CITY school. And just because someone chooses camo as their theme/color, doesn’t make it ugly, as some of these comments are making it out to be. I’m sure that the people making fun of these weddings are probably little rich people who spend thousands of dollars on weddings that still look like crap, right? Well guess what, these camo weddings are cute no matter how much we spend and no matter what anyone else thinks about it. If you don’t like it, then don’t look at the pictures. If all of you people who are making fun of this actually had a life, you wouldn’t have made it past the first few pictures. So grow up and mind your own business and stop judging others. You don’t see us rednecks judging yall’s weddings do you? Okay then, SHUT UP and get a life.

  107. ???

  108. i think these pictures r awesome i suppose to b gettin married and my whole wedding going to b in a white camo dress riding in a mud bog on the back of a jacked up truck and i garuntee redneck weddings look better than ya’lls!! what is tacky is u little city girls who think u r better than everybody else well guess what u no better than a piece of dirt!! and well have nothing bettter to do with ur life beside turn ur nose up i love these ideas and i garuntee even though my wedding may not be in a castle or somewhere rich i will still b just as happy getting married with every thing camo!! and if u do not like these pictures quit lookin on here duh go worry about fixing ur hair and gettin nose jobs and well whatever u little city girls doooooooo!! go shoppin and get a life while u out 🙂

  109. we are affit duck hunters,ride quads ,boat,fish,and hunt and YES we are having a camo wedding at abeautiful lake in California with yummy food and awesome friends and if any one thinks its tacky then dont come its no defferent then someone having a prissy foo foo wedding when their nose is so high in the air thats tacky!! Our choices are our weddings!! if anyone has pics pr ideas please email them to me sunnys6pk2go@yahoo.com i got our dresses and stuff off of atouch ofcamo.com so yeeeheee

    • Hi Sunny, glad you found our site and let me know if you need help with anything! My hubby and I love everything you love too!! I’m enjoying all the comments as our camo lovin’ friends tell everyone else to mind their own business…just like WE do too!! I’ve got good news for everyone too….we just got licensed to sell a new line of attire and accessories at wholesale, so by next summer, we hope to get some bridal shops around the country to carry samples and help camo lovin brides be able to find our items in shops. We’ll probably start in the South, of course!! Anyone who has a shop near them they would like us to contact, just email me with their name and address!!

  110. My boyfriend is in the Army and we’re having a military wedding next year. My engagement ring is a black diamond. I didn’t want a ring that looks like every other ring. I don’t want a cake that looks like every other cake either. I love the idea of having the cake be camo!

    • Monica,

      Did you know you can find accessories in the digital military camo now?? We’re just starting to create some items done up that way…and considering how we might even do some attire as well!

  111. This is stupid! People say it’s fun to hunt animals but how is killing fun! I guess it’s thing for you Americans because you also seem to think killing people for nothing is fun..

    • People eat meat. people wear leather shoes and belts etc. God put people in charge of the earth and all on it…as long as we use it responsibly. And, by the way, not everyone who wears camo is a hunter. A lot of camo lovers are just gun lovers who shoot trap, skeet etc, or enjoy archery. And, guess what??? the chances that any camo loving person actually ever kills a human being is pretty darned small!! We wouldn’t do crimes using our guns, because we LOVE having the use of our guns! Don’t know where you got your ideas, but, ME….I’m glad I am an AMERICAN!

      • Thank you JoAnne! I will bet BatteryGirl is not a vegetarian, so she is just paying the big companies to do what I can go do for myself, get my own meat and fix it for the pan or oven.


  113. Can Someone please HELP me I need to find out where I can buy the Doe & Buck wedding cake topper… My wedding is coming up and I stil can not find it… Thanks

    • Kristin,

      I’ve looked all over the internet and Cabelas and other sports stores….asked questions all over the place, and I can’t find this cake topper either. I am wondering if someone created it themselves for their own wedding, making it one of a kind??? Perhaps the deer are from a lamp or something and taken off to create the cake topper…. If I find it though, I’ll come back here and let everyone know!

  114. If you do not like the things showed on this site then you should not look at it!!!! I LOVE everything i seen an it gave me some thoughs for my renewal. I can’t wait to buy my dress.. an if you dont like it you can kiss my redneck butt

  115. I saw a dress on this site that I would love to have. Can you help ? The pic has yikes writen on above it. I would love to get the pattern or find out where I can buy it. I have looked all over the differnet sites looking for this dress. Thanks for your help,

  116. Hi Debbie,

    The style is #3131 and it’s called ‘Slim ‘N Sexy’ on our site. Here is the link: http://www.atouchofcamo.com/touchofcamo-details.cfm?ID=44

    The factory copied the style, but made it one piece instead of 2 piece. If you have questions, just let me know!

  117. i need to find camo heels! and not army camo help!

    • Sarah, I’ve not been able to find all camo heels at all on line, but if you go to http://www.camoformal.com and look at their styles…they do have various ways of adding their camo satin patterns to shoes that are rather cute. I suppose, someone will think of getting the camo satin and attempting to hot glue it on a pair of heels pretty soon…but I’ve not been able to find any yet! I’d love to find them and put them on my website….JoAnne

  118. Their is nothing wrong with a camo wedding if it is done tastefully. I have seen some trashy camo weddings however they aren’t all trashy. I plan on having camo at my wedding but what can I say my fiance and I love to hunt and if it is a huge part of my life and will be why not incorporate it into the most special day of your life…

  119. Honestly – I love them all…rednecks weddings are for those not afraid to have fun that and stray from the traditional type weddings….diversity is the american way folks!

  120. There is a pic of a dress I would love to get the pattern too. Can you help ?????

    • Debbie,

      You can email me at jgschnepp@cableone.net and let me know which picture it is…but likely, you’ll have to just look for similar patterns on line or at fabric stores…as all the patterns used in our dresses are on computer and owned by the factory that sews for me, so they are not patterns I’ve purchased…except in our new line; ATOC CAMO DESIGNS. Some of those myself and my local seamstress friend have put those together.

  121. White trash weddings, guns and camouflage attire. America really is full of ignorant inbreeds!

    • Its inbred hun…If your gonna talk trash, do it without looking stupid…

    • takes one to know one!!!!

    • Just because some has guns and camo does not make them ignorant inbreeds. I would love to see what people like you would do if put in situation most of the people your calling “ignorant inbreeds” are in. People like us country folk work our asses off everyday of our life so people like you can be stuck up bitches before you judge spend a month with people like us.. Oh before you say a smartass comment I have spent a month living in your life stle and I hate it, I would rather have the simple things and my family in my life and be happy then have everything that money can buy and be miserable.


  123. As far as I am concerned the camo things look cool and way better than some of the “high class” expensive shit that everyone else seems to think they need for their big white weddings, when in reality they have no place wearing a white dress. One person’s tacky is another’s cool. I would not be caught dead in some of the dresses high class weddings have. Long live rednecks!

  124. I had a camo dress for my prom and everyone loved it! i had people i didn’t know asking where i had gotten my dress because they wanted on.

  125. Nothing says “I love you” like a dead stuffed animal, lol.

  126. […] to give you some more ideas, I will give you a nice site that shows lots of pictures of camouflage weddings. Here you will see camouflage wedding cakes, […]

  127. i’m lookin for a camoflage wedding dress size 16-18 if someone would please do me the honor of sellin or using or donaten it would be greatly appreciated..were tryin to get married have had alot of sadness with loosin family members an keep puttin it off due to expenses….please call or tex my phone is 785-633-6537

  128. […] Camouflage Weddings В« All things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in … Jan 19, 2009 … Camouflage and weddings just don't mix. For more terribly wonderful camo wedding images, … […]

  129. Well hell, ya’ll gonna bad mouth camo, guess I shound’t post any pics of my John Deere/camo wedding then huh. So sorry some people really are just that much better to step up past the all white, “normal” type of wedding.

  130. […] travel in a woods, though a camouflage-themed wedding? Just … no. we found this montage of camo-themed weddings and was horrified–as frightened as we was when my father picked adult a camo-dyed vest when […]

  131. some of these where ugly but for you snobby mother fuckers kiss my redneck ass if camo is what we want for our weddings thats are thing!!! damn ppl are dumb

  132. There seems to be a good deal of rancor between those for and against the ‘camo-themed’ wedding. This bickering is silly and unnecessary. To each their own, as has been stated frequently throughout this 2-year old thread of comments. There’s no way we’ll ever agree on the best theme for a wedding, but I think we can all agree that the people in each of these pictures should be barred from breeding. Ever. XOXOXO

  133. OH MY GOMPERS, I abesolutuly Love them camoflauge cakes! They look so detailed in every way, deffinatly like the two deer heads on top!!!

  134. I absolutely love the camp top and skirt on this page with the high slit in the skirt and the way the chest is on her top. I’m doing a camo wedding and no dress I found was that cute. Please anyone with ideas…….

  135. actually there is a good reason to wear camo to prom… it’s when your best friends favorite colors were camo and he died recently in a car accident so the senior class decided that camo and orange were the class colors JACKASS!!!!!!

  136. My husband and i are renewing our vows on my families farm which is on the end of a unknown dirt road in north carolina. My hubby loves guns and im a mud loving, rifle toating nutball, but we are having a camo wedding and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas?

  137. im planning a wedding for august and my fiance loved the camo idea and i was tryin to find hunter orange bridesmaids dresses and a mossy oak break up vail does any one kno where i can find these??? email me @ cheesecake_nub@yahoo.com if anyone has any ides


    • Alison,

      Did you find your camo edged veil? We have them on our website….including a new style that is edged in camo with a slim strip of hunter orange in it too.

  138. Ha i guess some people really dont have anything better to do then to sit there and make fun of others. I will be having a camo/country themed wedding, and im damn proud of it. Thats who i am, i would never EVER have a big fancy white wedding thats to proper for me. I have never been the type of person to care one bit what people think of me, i am who i am, if making fun of people for being who they are makes you feel better then please go on and make fun of people, it just goes to show how immature and jealous you are. Jealous of those who aren’t stuck with what “society” has made acceptable!

  139. I want the dress worn in the picture krista07. Somebody help me! reply to wifey7586@yahoo.com. Thank you

  140. i am getting married July7,2012 i am having a all camo wedding dress cakes decorations my boys will be in camo along with the groom !!! so if any one is looking for a camo wedding or prom dress go to http://www.redmagiccamo.com she is out of minnesota but has beautiful dress . Good luck to all of the other camo lovers 🙂

  141. I think the most amusing part of this post isn’t even the pictures itself. They’re entertaining, sure, but not awful. Rather, I find every single response from somebody justifying the style the hilarious part of this post. The responses seem to boil down to two main points:

    1. You have chosen to have a camouflage wedding because you don’t want to spend the thousands or millions of dollars. Several of you made it abundantly clear that you don’t want the “rich b*tch” wedding with fluffy white dresses and what is expected of you. You get a choice, and you choose to NOT have the traditional wedding, so screw all the Barbies. (I would like to add that it’s ironic that many responses said they are going against the pack and making their own style, while trading ideas with the dozens of others having the same “unique” wedding). You’re justifying your wedding as a knee-jerk reaction to something you dislike, which is a weak reason to do anything.

    2. I am all in favor of people having a wedding that reflects them as individuals, and making a wedding personal. You said it yourselves, though: you are hunters and gun-owners. I see guns, dead animals, targets, bright hunting orange. There is no avoiding it; this wedding theme makes people think of killing things. Not exactly the mood I imagine somebody wants on their wedding day. Is this really the most important attribute you possess, the guns and killing, that you have to choose it to define your day? I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with either. I’m saying you should consider it.

    If you really want to have a camouflage wedding, then go ahead. Have it for the right reasons, and have it elegant. But the truth of the matter is you are coming to a website called “Tacky Weddings” looking for ideas. You’re allowed to think typical white, bright, princess weddings are ridiculous. Well done. I think princess weddings AND camouflage weddings are ridiculous.

  142. all you people that are making fun of the camo theme, its not your wedding so why do you care. a wedding is for 2 people who love each other to make it official that they are spending their lives together. im gonna have a camo wedding. and im not trashy. camo wedding can be really nice. but seriously, its not your wedding so you have no room to comment on it. you have you wedding how you like. nobody has a say in what you want, so you get no say in what everyone else wants

  143. okay people realy need to STOP dissing camo wedding dresses! every bride wants to include a peice of her n her groom inher wedding. Like all brides we country girls do the same but with camo! i am very, very country but i don’t want to look retarded in my wedding but i will be having camo on my dress and i will enjoy it! yall need to quit talking about other people and what they choose to have in their weddings beause you knowyou dont want them to talk about yours because im sure they would not like your! 1 ofmy rules of life is: if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say nothing at all! all of yall that are on here talking about these brides need to learnthis rule an yall all need to follow it! and another thing is: WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) i ont think this talking about people is what Jesus would do! do you?

  144. I need to know where to find a camouflage dress because im getting married this summer and we are having a camo theme. please help me.

    • Aurora,

      Check out our website. ALL we do is camo accented formal wear for weddings, proms, for ladies, men and kids too!

  145. I love these weddings! Me an my fiancee are goin huntin on our honeymoon when we decide to get married. Yes my wedding will be a little more formal, but any wedding is a special occasion no matter how “tacky” it is. I love camouflage. As a matter of fact, it’s my favorite color. I’m a major redneck, and I can pretty much guarantee my wedding pictures are going to be on this website. As a matter of fact, I’d love it. Camo is one of them patterns you can dress up and down.

  146. I have to say, these folks really committed to a theme and stuck to it with every detail. Loved the safety orange vests, and some of the cake toppers were just a hoot! Looks like most of the participants are having a great time. Yippie for all of these folks who made their wedding thier own.

  147. I am gettin married july 28 2012 and my dress will have camo on it and the groomsmen will have camo shirts on with jeans and work boots and a ball cap all my bouquets are camo its like a touch of camo. i love the idea of doing something different instead of the everyday white weddings or plain colored weddings. Can ne one tell me where to get camo shirts that are dressy and where to get instructions on hair to make the cake above with the 2 deer on top? any idea or sites for wedding ideas would be great

  148. everyone is entitled to there own opinion, i like some of these and dislike some some are oweful some are funny you may not like it but grow up no need to be hateful to the ones that like or for the ones that do like no need to be hateful to the ones that dont, you are pose to be adults and you are acting like children, my wedding ideas probly would not agree with most of you either but thats whats so great about it, i just dont care its the bride and grooms day and what they want not everyone else!

  149. To each his own, seen weddings of all kinds. I am currently watching someone that spent tens of thousands on their wedding (so it was “perfect” ) going through a divorce already, after only 8 mths. They will be paying off that fairy tale wedding for years after. A wedding is one day, a marriage should be for life. Priorities people. Best, most fun, and relaxing wedding I ever went to was a biker wedding. No one cared how anyone else looked or was dressed…they were just there to witness the marriage and celebrate with the happy couple.

  150. I am going to start out by saying I love the camo wedding theme! My fiancée and I are from a small town, we are very country and camo is apart of our everyday wear. We are having a camo wedding because it brings out our way of life. Though i agree that there is a fine line between tacky and nice when it comes down to it, the camo theme is on the rise there is websites to find classy camo wedding dresses, tuxes, and supplies. I do not believe putting down the camo is the apporpriate thing to do. To end my comment people should remember that if you can find flaws in people and their way of life, people like my fiancée and I can find flaws in you and your way of life.

  151. if any one comes across this site anytime im looking for some wedding stuff in camo. looking for a dress 3/4 white and the train camo. ive only found them for like $500. any one know anything cheaper but still looks good? and also looking for ideas on fun games that involve camo, nature, exc…. please email me at charlie_man330@hotmail.com

    • Charlie, We have a dress like you are describing on our site and I would be happy to work with you on the price too.

  152. My wedding is comin up july 28 my theme is camo. My dress is white with camo trim along the train and some camo bows idk if im going to do camo on the veil or not the groom and his guys are going to be in camo button up shirts with jeans and work boots. I think camo can be done with tacky or really nice just depends on how u want it to look. anyone else who is gettin married and their them is camo I have some really great websites and pictures of some bouquets you can email me if you want these kmb1018@hotmail.com

  153. who ever made this site ur a bitching cunt! this is not trashy or tacky its freakin awesome! damn city sluts

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